When walking into the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium, plan on taking pictures of the fish. Then explore the aquarium up close and personal by looking into the tanks, touching fish, crawling into a cave and putting your head into a bubble. You can even walk through a tunnel and be surrounded by sea life on all sides! This experience will last you and your family a lifetime. The best part about your visit is that Sea Life Aquarium believes in protecting aquatic life. So when you are visiting this aquarium you also support the marine conservation. Take time to enjoy this beautiful, peaceful, aquarium and all the aquatic life it has to offer.
Sea Life Michigan Aquarium
Great Lakes Crossing
4316 Baldwin Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
(866) 622-0605

Benson the Sea Turtle

Benson the Sea Turtle is a rescued, green sea turtle that was injured when a boat struck him and damaged his shell and spine. Benson was nursed back to health and released into the aquarium’s sea tunnel. Due to his injuries, Benson is unable to dive for his own food. So in order to preserve his life, the aquarium has rescued this turtle and given him a permanent home here.

The Octonauts

July 13- July 24 the Octonauts will be visiting the aquarium. The Octonauts is a hit television show popular with young children based around a team of undersea adventure heroes. Fans can not only come to meet Captain Barnacles and Kwaazii, but they will also embark on an exciting mission with fun-filled events and activities throughout the aquarium.

Shark Week

August will have a shark week exhibit for all those curious about learning more of these great sea predators. More details will be released soon, but until then plan on seeing the sharks and learning more about their environment, how they survive, and what makes sharks unique.

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Exploring the aquarium and experiencing all the sites and wonders is a feast for the senses. Look for some of these great stations throughout the aquarium:


Get up close and personal with star fish, crabs, shrimp and more. Touch and feel them and explore more of their habitat with your very own hands.

Stingray Bay

This area, which looks like a large fish bowl in the middle of the exhibit, is home to sting rays, sharks and moray eels. Watch them swim by and get down on their level to see them up close and personal.

Sea Horse Mangrove

Sea horses are always a delight to see up close. Take a look at these amazing creatures and their varied colors in this wonderful exhibit.

Jelly Fish Aquarium

Always a fun exhibit to look at and see the beautiful jelly fish, push buttons to change lights in the various tanks to see how the jelly fish light up and show their unique colors.

Caves (for children)

Scattered throughout the aquarium are small crawl spaces for children. These spaces lead caves where the children can then stick their heads into a bubble that looks into aquatic life itself. It doesn’t get any closer than this, and your kids will love every minute of this 360 degree view.

Ocean Tunnel 

Walk into the ocean tunnel and see all the tropical fish, sharks, octopus and every other beautiful specimen swimming in the tunnel. In this area there is also a picture window where you can take pictures with you and the sea creatures.

There is much to see and experience at the aquarium. So spend a day by yourself, or with the family, and experience the more than 5,000 sea creatures and 150,000 gallons of water this beautiful aquarium has to offer.

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