Halloween is a night of mischief and laughs, tricks and treats, and disguises galore. Our sister company Simon & Schuster recommends reading these not-so-scary picture books with your kids in the coming weeks to give them a little fright and get them excited for the holiday.

Click, Clack, Boo!: A Tricky Treat
By Doreen Cronin with illustrations by Betsy Lewin

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Farmer Brown does not like Halloween and just wants to sleep through it. But the animals in his barnyard have a totally different plan – for them, the Halloween party’s tricks and treats have just begun! From the bestselling team who brought readers the beloved Click, Clack, Moo, this picture book is a must-read as your kids prepare for their own night of Halloween mischief.

The Monstore 
By Tara Lazar

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Zack doesn’t know how to keep his pesky sister Gracie out of his room, so he turns to The Monstore to purchase a monster – or four – to help keep her out. Zack’s monsters don’t work exactly as he hopes and instead of keeping her out, the monsters play with her. Young readers will love this humorous tale of one boy’s mission to keep his sister out – and the hijinks that ensue when he can’t return the “broken” monsters!

Mostly Monsterly 
By Tammi Sauer, with illustrations by Scott Magoon

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Bernadette is about to start Monster Academy, but she’s worried she’s not super monsterly. She likes kittens, baking, and picking flowers and her classmates just don’t understand her. They’d rather eat snails than her sweet cupcakes. A sweet story about making friends and feeling comfortable in your own fur… or skin!

Gibbus Moony Wants to Bite You!
By Leslie Muir, with illustrations by Jen Corace

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Gibbus Moony’s family is nectarian – vampires who suck on fruit, not blood. When Gibbus gets his first set of fangs, he’s just dying to sink his teeth into something. With the help of a new friend, however, he learns that biting people isn’t necessarily what he needs to do to celebrate his new teeth. An adorable new character, charming illustrations, and clever prose make this totally toothsome story perfect for Halloween or any time of year.

Zombie in Love 
By Kelly Dipucchio with illustrations by Scott Campbell 

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Zombie in Love is a hilarious tale of one zombie’s quest for love. Mortimer tries working out (but his arms keep falling off), he tries dancing (but the undead are not so limber), and he’s even tried online dating.  Parents and kids will laugh out loud while reading this delightfully macabre story together.

Spike, The Mixed Up Monster
By Susan Hood with illustrations by Melissa Sweet

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Spike isn’t really a monster – he’s a Mexican salamander called an axolotl. He certainly  he’s scary enough that he finds its difficult to make new friends. Kids will love learning all about this quirky, endangered species and learn some Spanish along the way.

Monsters Eat Whiny Children 
By Bruce Eric Kaplan

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Parents, if you want to convince your children to stop whining, make this your next bedtime book! Monsters like to eat children, but it’s difficult to find the perfect recipe. A whiny child doesn’t work with certain salad dresses, or in cakes, or as a burger. But in all the time it takes to figure out what whiny children pair nicely with – the children escape! From popular New Yorker cartoonist, this off-beat parable is one best served with a bedtime snack.

Creepy Carrots! 
By Aaron Reynolds with illustrations by Peter Brown

Photo Credit Simon and Schuster

Jasper Rabbit loves carrots. He eats them everywhere and everyday. One day, he suddenly feels like he’s being stalked by his favorite treats. In this Caldecott Honor–winning picture book, Peter Brown’s hip illustrations and Aaron Reynold’s hilarious text keep the reader guessing and laughing through the carrot patch with a rabbit who soon learns that too much of a good thing might lead to trouble.

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