Rain, Rain, Go Away: Unless It Means New Boots

October 31, 2011 7:42 AM

(Photo: Raquel Parks)

leilanidowding29 Rain, Rain, Go Away: Unless It Means New Boots

(Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Fall is in full swing and with Michigan weather that means anything goes.  The constant rain showers make it difficult to look fashionable, be comfortable, and stay dry. Luckily, fashion designers have made it easy to be stylish during rainy days with their new collection of rain boots.From the basic to the colorful, there’s plenty to choose from.

Therefore, a fashonista is sure find the pair she’s looking for. Check out some of the trendy new, rain boots that will have you splashing around in style. No matter what designer you pick, you’re sure to look stylish and comfortable during Michigan’s rainy days. — By Raquel Parks

bebeboots Rain, Rain, Go Away: Unless It Means New Boots

Ryder Rain Boots by Bebe

Keep it hip, chic, and feminine with Bebe’s  Ryder Rain Boots. Whether you’re making a quick run or heading to the movies, you’re sure to make a fashion statement.

The Ryder Rain Boots boots are made with 100% rubber and have a metal buckle across the top. The over-the knee leather accent is foldable and adds an extra stylish, touch. The boot comes in three different colors: leopard, black, and a black and white logo scroll. The Ryder Rain Boots are available at Bebe for $79.

mkboots Rain, Rain, Go Away: Unless It Means New Boots

Michael Kors Tall & Short Logo Rain Boots

Michael Kors’ rain boots are simple and classic, making them perfect to wear in any season. The Michael Kors Logo Rain boots are made of rubber and are imprinted with the MK logo at the top. They come in two different styles. Pair these MK rain boots with one of Kors’ signature handbags and you’ll instantly have a look. The Michael Kors Short Logo Rain Boots are $89 and the Tall Logo Rain Boots are $98. Both styles are available on Michael Kors’ website.

coachpixy Rain, Rain, Go Away: Unless It Means New Boots

(Photo: Raquel Parks)

Pixy Rain Boots by Coach

Make a cheerful splash during those gloomy days with these pair of Coach rain boots. The Pixy Rain Boots have the colorful Poppy Coach print, a clear heel, and are made of all rubber. They are sure to inspire fun and a smile on those cold, rainy days. The Pixy Coach Rain Boots are available on the Coach website for $108.

ralphlaurenboots Rain, Rain, Go Away: Unless It Means New Boots

(Photo: Raquel Parks)

Rossalyn II Rain Boots by Ralph Lauren

Repel the rain and dress up with pure sophistication without missing a beat. The Ralph Lauren brand has been around for years and is known for its timeless, classic collection. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Ralph Lauren’s rain boots display that same standard of class. The Rossalyn II Rain Boots have a green plaid pattern and have an asymmetrical opening with a belt loop across the top. These boots could easily be paired with a Polo sweater or shirt with slacks. The Rossalyn II Rain Boots are available at Macy’s for $75.