It came like a thief in the night, stealing loved ones and sickening many. The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting the world and leaving pain right here in Detroit.

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Brand New Research On Hydroxychloroquine Shows More Positive Signs It Could Be A Treatment For Covid-19Dr. Oz and famed virus hunter Dr. Ian Lipkin discuss a new Chinese study on treating COVID-19 with the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine.
Dr. Oz and White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx Discuss What's Really Happening With EquipmentDr. Birx shares insights about what's really happening with equipment and the PPE supply chain, the disconnect between the government and on-the-ground leaders who say there is a chronic lack of test kits and an update on where we are with treatment options.
The Coronavirus Pandemic: Interview With White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Deborah BirxDr. Oz and White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx discuss the extended 30-day social distancing guidelines.
What Is Plasma Therapy And How Can You Help If You’ve Recovered From Coronavirus?We’ve all been hearing rumblings about plasma therapy for coronavirus. But what is it exactly?
First Forecast Weather April 2, 2020 (Today)Sunny skies today!
Family Feud Question of the Day 4-2Family Feud Question of the Day
Online, Alcohol Sales See Large Increase During Pandemic If you're stuck at home chances are you've probably shopped online at one point.
Coronavirus In Michigan: Local Woman Beats COVID-19As of Wednesday afternoon there’s over 9,300 cases and 337 deaths statewide. With southeast Michigan being a hot bed for COVID-19, the death toll in the state is rising everyday, but so is the survival rate.
National Census Day: Here Are 10 Reasons Why It's ImportantApril 1 is National Census Day.
Marriott Data Breach: Nearly 5.2M Hotel Guests Information Compromised WorldwideMarriott announced its second data breach in two years.
Kroger Employees To Get Bonus Amid Coronavirus OutbreakKroger announces a $2 bonus for its employees during the coronavirus outbreak.
Rent-Based Evictions Delayed Until April 17 Due To COVID-19The first of the month also means rent is due for many people, but Michiganders won't be evicted just yet if they don't pay up. 
MDOT: $1.4M Construction Project To Close Miller, Ford RoadsA $1.4 million construction project will close Miller and Ford roads.
Coronavirus In Michigan: Here's What A Local Hospital Is Doing To Keep Newborns SafeCOVID-19 is a serious threat to people with compromised immune systems, but it can be an even bigger threat to newborns.
Coronavirus In Michigan: GM To Deliver 20,000 Face MasksGeneral Motors plans to deliver 20,000 face masks by April 8.
Coronavirus In Michigan: Preparations Underway To Convert TCF Center To Field HospitalPreparations are underway over at the TCF center to convert it to a field hospital.
Coronavirus In Michigan: Cases Surge In State PrisonsCoronavirus cases are surging in state prisons.
First Forecast Weather April 1, 2020 (Tonight)Skies clear this evening.
Dr. Oz Hears From Lieutenant-Paramedic Anthony Almojera About The Challenges And Fears New York’s EMS Workers Are Facing Daily.Dr. Oz asks lieutenant-paramedic Anthony Almojera about the call that brought him to tears for the first time in his many years of service. 
Lieutenant-Paramedic Anthony Almojera Describes The Challenges New York’s EMS Workers Are Facing With Covid-19.Dr. Oz hears from Lieutenant-Paramedic Anthony Almojera about the challenges and fears New York’s EMS workers are facing daily.
Dr. Oz Asks What's The Warning To Other Parts Of The Country That Haven’t Been Hit By Covid-19 As Aggressively As NY. As hospitals continue to operate in crisis mode, Dr. Oz goes straight to the source for answers.  Dr. Oz speaks to Dr. Arabia Mollette, whose pediatric emergency department has become a makeshift COVID-19 isolation unit.
The Coronavirus Pandemic: Inside The Medical War Zone In NYCDr. Oz speaks to Dr. Arabia Mollette, whose pediatric emergency department has become a makeshift COVID-19 isolation unit. Dr. Oz and Dr. Mollette discuss what’s going on in the hospital where she works in Brooklyn.
Detroit Tigers Enlist Help From Local Choir For Opening DayDetroit Tigers Enlist Help From Local Choir For Opening Day
The Debate Over Masks - Should You Be Wearing Face Coverings In Public?The coronavirus pandemic continues with a new debate over face masks.  President Trump has signaled that the government may recommend that healthy individuals wear masks in public, while the Surgeon General and other experts claim masks do more harm than good.  Dr. Oz breaks down the mask conflict: does the general public need medical-grade masks, or can face coverings like bandanas protect you?

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