Covid-19 Headquarters: I Got The Vaccine...Now What Can I Do?Dr. Oz asks Dr. Ashish Jha for his opinion on the safety of traveling for fully vaccinated people.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Low-Dose AspirinWe’ve known low-dose aspirin can reduce the risk of having a stroke or heart attack but now we’re learning it might also reduce your chance of getting severely sick or even dying from Covid-19. Because the disease has been associated with higher risks of blood clots, researchers at George Washington University were interested in low-dose aspirin for covid. Aspirin, of course, is a known blood thinner. It turns out hospitalized covid patients on low-dose aspirin had several desirable outcomes: - 44 percent less likely to be put on a ventilator - 43 percent less likely to be admitted to the ICU - And 47 percent less likely to die in the hospital There were also no differences in bleeding events between people on aspirin and those who were not. Because the study was small, and it wasn’t the gold standard randomized controlled trial, we need to be careful when interpreting this data. However, aspirin is widely available, cheap, and relatively safe so it could be a game-changer in our management of covid patients.
Today On Drew! Alyson Hannigan, Manny Mua, Farideh SadeghinToday On Drew! Alyson Hannigan, Manny Mua, Farideh Sadeghin
Secret Affairs & Allegations Of Big-Spending Pastors: What’s Really Going On At Hillsong Church?Dr. Oz and Mara Schiavocampo discuss the allegations of financial abuse at different Hillsong Church divisions.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: CDC School GuidanceThe CDC has issued new guidance on classroom social distancing stating three feet of distance between students is sufficient assuming other safety measures are in place. This is the distance the “World Health Organization” has advised since the start of the pandemic. The CDC examined data from 3 different studies to reach this decision. The first study is from Florida and looked at covid transmission in schools last year and found only 1% of registered students contracted Covid-19 while at school. The second study, from Utah, also found there was low covid transmission among students, even though the average distance between them in the classroom was 3 feet. Finally, a third study from Missouri found only 27% of schools were able to space desks 6 feet apart, but the incidence of covid spread there was incredibly low. The shortened distance of three feet only works if other measures such as wearing a mask and improving ventilation are in place. Allowing students to be closer together in the classroom means more schools can open which is critical for our children.
Police Seek Suspect, Vehicle In Fatal Shooting On Detroit's East SideThe Detroit Police Department is seeking to locate a suspect and a vehicle in connection to a fatal shooting on Detroit's east side.
Today On Drew! Joel McHale, Drew In Your Business, Steven BartlettToday On Drew! Joel McHale, Drew In Your Business, Steven Bartlett
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Moderna BoosterVaccine manufacturers have been working to increase efficacy against the new covid variants emerging across the globe including Moderna, who has just announced the start of a new trial to test a “booster” shot of their MRNA vaccine. This extra shot given after the initial doses of a vaccine specifically targets the South African variant of covid to “boost” your immune response and give you protection against that strain. A previous study found the South African strain decreased the Moderna’s vaccine six-fold in the amount of neutralizing antibodies produced. While this was still above the threshold for protection it makes the vaccine much less effective. The new study will include 60 participants and if the results are positive, the booster could get emergency use authorization from the FDA soon after.
Michigan Matters: Boxing and NFL OfficiatingSenior Producer/Host Carol Cain talks with Claressa Shields about being arguably the best female boxer in the world as she wins world titles and is changing the industry for women. Then Sarah Thomas, the first woman to official in the NFL, discusses her career and making it to the top as she just officiated recent Super Bowl.
Today On Drew! Nick Offerman, Fashion Tailoring, Mae Whitman, Kevin Frazier Oscar NominationsToday On Drew! Nick Offerman, Fashion Tailoring, Mae Whitman, Kevin Frazier Oscar Nominations
Governor Whitmer Provides Updates On The COVID-19 Pandemic And ResponseGovernor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference Friday morning providing updates on the State's response to COVID-19.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: New Pfizer DataOnce you get the covid vaccine can you still transmit the virus? Thanks to a new Israeli study we may finally have the answer. Researchers found the Pfizer vaccine blocked 94% of asymptomatic infections suggesting it could significantly reduce virus transmission.
New Study Shows Pandemic Has Taken Toll on Teenagers Mental HealthA new national poll highlights the significant toll the pandemic is having on the mental health of teenagers.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Largest Antibody StudyA major challenge of the pandemic has been determining how many people have been infected with Covid-19. Along with having a shortage of tests for many months, a lot of patients are asymptomatic, meaning they never knew they had the virus. However, thanks to a new study we’re getting a clear sense of how far reaching the virus has been. Researchers at Emory University conducted a national antibody study which was the largest of its kind. Their findings suggest, by the end of October 2020, over 39 million people, or one in eight Americans, had been infected with covid. By comparison, we were officially reporting just over 9 million infections at the end of October, a drastically lower estimation. Reaching herd immunity is critical to stopping the spread of Covid-19. That means around 80% of the population needs to have either been vaccinated fully or infected with the virus. This study suggests we might be closer to that point than we originally thought.
MSU Coach, Tom Izzo, Says ‘We Are Excited To Be Here!’Michigan State Head Basketball coach, Tom Izzo, told reporters that he’s excited to be here.
Hunter Dickinson Says "He Hasn't Been Outside Since Sunday!"Hunter Dickinson talks with reporters as Michigan has been in quarantine in Indianapolis since Sunday, preparing for Saturday's first round of the NCAA Tournament.
Family Feud Question of the Day 3-18Watch Family Feud Weeknights @ 7 & 7:30 On CBS 62!
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Covid T-Cell TestA new type of covid test has just been authorized by the FDA. It’s known as a T-cell test, and here’s how it works.
21-Year-Old Michigan Man Faces Charges After Alleged Threats To U.S. LeadersA 21-year-old Michigan man is facing terrorism charges for allegedly making death threats against President Joe Biden, U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Smell TrainingIf you’re one of the millions who has lost their sense of smell from covid-19, we’ve got something for you to try.
Eye On Detroit - Le'Host WigsHenry and Haith Johnson have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. The husband and wife duo's journey of perserverance, resiliency and work ethic have been the hallmark of true and lasting entrepreneurship. They produce wigs to help children at Vista Maria.
Joe Also Gets A Chance To Meet Officer Croissant, Who Was First On The Scene At The Baggage Carousel Where Joe Went DownJoe also gets a chance to meet Officer Croissant, who was first on the scene at the baggage carousel where Joe went down, and thanks him for helping to save his life.
Dr. Oz Explains Why Joe Passed Out At The Airport Using A Real Human HeartDr. Oz explains why Joe passed out at the airport using a real human heart.
For The First Time Since That Fateful Night In Newark Airport, Dr. Oz Comes Face-To-Face With The Man He Helped SaveJoe tells Dr. Oz about the emotional reunion with his family when he returned from the hospital.

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