Southfield Police: 8-Year-Old Girl Shot By Older Brother Has DiedSouthfield Police say an 8-year-old girl who was shot in the head Sunday at an apartment complex has died. Katie Johnston reports.
Covid-19 Headquarters: The Slow Vaccine Rollout – What Can Be Done To Get You The Vaccine Faster?Dr. Oz asks Surgeon General Jerome Adams what is responsible for the holdup of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Delaying Second Covid-19 Vaccine DoseThe Covid vaccines we have approved here in the u.s. from Pfizer and Moderna both require two doses for maximum efficacy. but, due to a slower than expected rollout, some public health experts are asking: Should we delay the second dose of a vaccine to get more people vaccinated quickly?
Election Objection: Protestors Breach U.S. CapitolA mob of President Trump's supporters breached the U.S. Capitol as lawmakers attempted to count Electoral College Votes
Governor Whitmer Provides Updates On Michigan’s Response To COVID-19Gov. Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference Wednesday afternoon providing updates on the state's response to COVID-19. Here's everything you need to know.
Dr. Oz And Mark Schatzker Break Down The Difference Between Chicken Fingers And Chicken TendersChicken nuggets are beloved by moms everywhere as a safe bet to feed their picky families.  However, during quarantine, people have stocked up and relied even more heavily on this freezer staple, begging the question: are all nuggets created equal?
The Big Chicken Nugget Investigation – We Found The Best. We Know You Are Eating ThemToday, Dr. Oz reveals the findings of his big chicken nugget investigation!  We’ve scoured supermarket freezers for the newest offerings to bring to our lab and examine their breading, ingredients, and nutrient profiles so you can get the best there is.
Daily Covid-19 Minute: Mutant Strain Of CovidWeeks ago, we were introduced to a new, mutant version of Covid-19. known as b117, this strain was first detected in the UK last September. by December 9th, it was thought to be responsible for 60% of new infections in London.
True Crime: What Happened To Baby Benjamin? The Daycare Worker Convicted Of Killing Him Speaks Out From PrisonA daycare worker who confessed and then recanted that she was responsible for the death of toddler Benjamin Kingan still maintains her innocence.  Over a decade into her 31-year prison sentence, she sits down with Oz correspondent Mara Schiavocampo to share her side of the story.
True Crime: Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of All Cults Like You Have Never Seen BeforeOn today’s True Crime, Dr. Oz takes a deep dive into the Heaven’s Gate cult, whose members’ misguided belief that they were to be picked up by a UFO trailing the Hale-Bopp Comet, led to the largest mass suicide ever committed on U.S. soil.
Drew’s Time Management Hour, 5-Minute Meals with Chef Rocco DiSpirito, Judge Marilyn Milian & Judge John SchlesingerDrew’s Time Management Hour: Time Management Expert Laura Vanderkam, 5-Minute Meals with Chef Rocco DiSpirito, Judge Marilyn Milian & Judge John Schlesinger
Here's What Trump Said About Michigan During Phone Call With Georgia Secretary Of StateDuring a phone call with Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday, President Donald Trump made unsubstantiated claims about his loss in Michigan to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, the Detroit Free Press reports. Katie Johnston reports.
System 21 - The Most Successful Secrets We Tried To Control Weight And Take Back Your Health In 2021Dr. Oz breaks down the goals of his new and improved health plan: System 21!
Dr. Oz Reveals Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Covid-19, Including A Hack For Safely Wearing A Mask With GlassesDr. Oz and his experts reveal important tips for ways to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19, including a hack for safely wearing a mask with glasses.
The Number 1 Way You Can Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Covid-19Mara Schiavocampo explains one way you can check how effective your mask is by using light.
Dr. Oz And Dr. Crupain Break Down The Science Behind Our New Quiz To Calculate Your Risk Of Getting Covid-19Today, Dr. Oz unveils his risk calculator quiz for COVID-19.  It’s a new year with new information, so we’ve reassessed the facts and dug into the latest research about your biggest risks.
Michigan Matters: Dave Bing and BooksSenior Producer/Host Carol Cain talks with Dave Bing, former Mayor and NBA Superstar about his life and new book. Then she talks with journalist Helene St. James about her new book about the Detroit Red Wings, and then chats with Marcus Lyon about his new book “i.Detroit – a Human Atlas of an American City” which offers virtual components.
True Crime: 25 Years After O.J. Was Acquitted Of Killing His Ex-Wife Nicole Brown Simpson And Ron GoldmanDr. Oz asks Tanya Brown why she thinks her sister Nicole didn’t tell her about the abuse she went through.
Michigan Matters: One-on-One with Governor Whitmer 2Gov. Gretchen Whitmer talked about 2020 and the dizzying issues that arose including the pandemic, economic fallout from it, and an election that never seemed to end on CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters.”
More Than 20 New Coronavirus Outbreaks Reported In Michigan SchoolsThe Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported there are new coronavirus outbreaks in more than 20 Michigan schools. Katie Johnston reports.
True Crime: American Murder: The Family Next Door: Why Chris Watts Murdered His Wife And Two Young DaughtersDr. Oz asks forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie why the relationship issues between Chris Watts and his wife ended in murder instead of divorce.
The 2020 Great Conjunction or ‘The Christmas Star’ In The Sky Monday EveningCBS 62's Chief Meteorologist talks about the 2020 Great Conjunction Monday evening.
Covid-19 Headquarters: Why The Surgeon General Says You Should Trust The Science And Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19Dr. Oz asks U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams why the public should trust the science and get a vaccine when they are able to.

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