manny harris1 Manny's Moving On!

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On Monday morning Manny Harris told the world that he is making himself eligible for the NBA draft.  Harris has not hired an agent yet, however that seems to be only a matter of time and he made it clear that no matter what happens in upcoming months he will not be back in Ann Arbor playing basketball.  Now in the grand scheme of the college hoops terrain this is not huge news, however I did not want to let it get swept under the rug because I think he made the wrong decision.

I know Michigan has very little chance of competing in the Big Ten next year and they will be lucky if they make the NIT, however isn’t this the prime time for Manny to show that he is an NBA player?  He can show he can lead a team, work on his game and also get his degree as well.  (He claims he is going to come back and get it but for some reason or another I’m not buying it)  Every draft guru that I have talked to or read claims Manny will be lucky if he is a late 2nd round pick so why not stay?  The way I see it, playing over-seas will always be there but the best chance to play in the NBA is to stay in school.  For every story about a Brandon Jennings who choose not to go to school and now is with the Bucks having a great rookie season, there are even more stories of guys leaving school and taking their chances elsewhere only to never be heard of again. 

Of course I wish Manny luck and hope he has a long career in the NBA, but I just don’t think he’ s putting himself in the best position for that to happen.  Instead of leaving  everything up to the pre-draft camp to change NBA teams minds, why not give himself another whole season to?  Manny you haven’t hired an agent yet, so don’t do it!  You still have time to make the right choice!


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