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President Obama authorized the use of air power to protect U.S. trained military forces if they are attacked in Syria
Secretary of State John Kerry restarted the talks six years after they were halted because of political unrest
Migrants trying to escape poverty and violence in Northern Africa and the Middle east are flowing into Europe but the thousands
Another American doctor is facing harsh criticism for allegedly illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe
Territories near Reunion Island are being encouraged to join in to help solve the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
Anti-gay extremist stabbed Shira Banki, 16, and several others during the event, just weeks after being released from prison for the same thing
Diseases linked to human sewage have been found in the waters of the Brazilian city where the world's top athletes will compete next year
Ruben Espinosa had sought refuge from the cartels in what was thought to be the safe haven of Mexico City after fleeing his home state of Veracruz
American cigar lovers are hoping that they'll soon have the chance to enjoy Cuba's signature product
Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer continues to live in hiding as he endures a global backlash for killing the beloved Cecil the Lion outside a national park in Zimbabwe