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U.S. travel to Cuba is booming and with the Obama Administration planning to ease travel restrictions by the end of the year, many more travelers will set their sights on the island nation
Thousands of desperate migrants are fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East arriving in Austria from neighboring Hungary
Exhausted, elated migrants reach their dream destinations, but officials warn human tide was still rising
Thousands of migrants have been stranded for weeks at Budapest's rail station, blocked from leaving the country
Aylan Kurdi was laid to rest Friday with his brother and his mother in Kobane, the war-ravaged Syrian town they fled
In a development that caught U.S. intelligence by surprise, Russia has set up an air traffic control tower and modular housing units for hundreds of personnel at an airfield near Syria's Mediterranean Port of Latakia
A Syrian father who had become separated from his young son and daughter on their journey across the Mediterranean Sea discovers them on the Greek island of Kos
Russia could be preparing to put combat aircraft in Syria, presumably to conduct strikes against forces fighting Assad regime
Worn out, but defiant, thousands of migrants march; Austria's Chancellor said his country and Germany will allow migrants to enter their territory
As the United Nations calls on Europe to share the burden of the growing refugee crisis, an image of a drowned Syrian child is prompting reaction from the global community