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Russia says its fighter jets targeted 10 ISIS positions Tuesday, but the U.S. says Moscow also attacked moderate rebels backed by America in an effort to prop up the Syrian regime
The largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II is continuing as Germany struggles to deal with the influx of Syrian refugees
The Coast Guard found more pieces of the El Faro Tuesday, the container ship that was caught and sank amid Hurricane Joaquin
Russia said its fighter jets targeted several ​ISIS positions on Tuesday; but some locations are not in an area controlled by terror group
Hundreds of thousands of migrants have risked their lives to make it to Germany, but many hurdles remain in the new land
Nearly three decades after nuclear disaster, wildlife is back and thriving
Over the years, Toyota trucks have appeared in ISIS propaganda videos; but how the terror group has acquired the trucks is not clear
Oranges laced with cyanide and poisoned salt licks were used; ivory tusks had been cut off six elephants
As a political solution grows distant, Israel punishes the families of Palestinians killed after attacking Jews last year
A baby raccoon named "Pumpkin" forms an unusual bond with a family and their two dogs