michiganhockey UM Hockey Gets Screwed By Whistle

I try not complain about officals. How many times does a team have to get screwed in a big time situation before hockey does something about blowing the whistle because they lost sight of the puck. I’m sure you heard about by now. Michigan in OT against Miami (OH) bangs in a puck just as (not way before) but just as a whistle is being blown by the ref. The ref in this case was the only one who didn’t see the puck just laying on the doorstep.  Hockey is great and all but that rule sucks change it.

  1. t-bone says:

    I just watched the highlights. You are wrong about the disallowed goal. You can clearly hear the whistle before the puck enters the net. It’s not like basketball where the shot has to be off before the buzzer, but rather the puck needs to be in the net before the whistle.

    1. James Fox says:

      Yo t bone, we all know the rules about the whistle and puck has to cross the line.It’s just a bad call by the ref human error.But clearly the puck was loose and you saw that on the replay.You can review the play to see if there was a penalty,they need to change the rule about the whistle.Puck was loose,Michigan scored and Miami should be home,they where the 2nd best team last night anyway.And how many times have you watched a game and the refs screw something up that decides the game.Hockey is the best sport in my mind,they just need to not have the refs decide a game .

  2. MIke says:

    Here is the deal, there was a delayed penalty. Therefore once the official loses sight how can he not determine that the goalie had “possession” which is a loose term when calling a penalty. It was the right call based on a penalty being called.

  3. Jon says:

    The reason people are saying mazie and blue got screwed is because the ref was way out of postion and lost sight of the puck, he was standing on the left side of the net when he shouldve been behind the net, if the dipstick ref was behind the net michigan wins.

  4. James Fox says:

    Michigan got royally screwed Sunday night.You can review and take a way a goal if you feel there was goalie interference,you should be able to review and see the puck was live.The puck in the net and the whistle where both on cue and not 1 player on the ice relaxed because they thought the puck was covered.If that was the case Miami’s 2nd goal was pushed from underneath Hunwick’s glove.The game was too important to get that call.Go Blue.Michigan was the better team on Sunday night,if you watched the game you know.Let’s keep college hockey great and not turn it into the NHL with bad refs.

  5. Jimmy Jordan says:

    Nice post! Keep posting more!

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