charliev WHY?

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Bring in the headline police…I know this one sucks. But what else can I say after hearing the latest from Charlie Villenueva?

You remember him right? Charlie, our good buddy. Our big free agent signing this summer…yeah that guy. Well Chuckles decided after yet another DNPCD (that’s Did not play coaches decision for you non hoops geeks) and in case you didn’t know it’s pretty rare for a guy to open his mouth after his coach has essentially put him in timeout.

Well Charlie isn’t any usual guy. Oh no kids. No, V decided he was gonna mock his coach tonight. What a treat! Hey it’s more than he did on the floor tonight right?

The following is a dramatic reading of the Q and A.

Are you and Kuester on the same page?


How ridiculous. Mockingly laughing as the press wasted their time asking you a question. Yeah, mock the coach who is so annoyed with your bruiting, your pouting, your constant tweeting (had to sorry), that he has decided to simply move on without you. Yes Charlie, point the finger at Kuester. Yup, it’s his fault you don’t rebound, don’t rotate, don’t guard, and simply don’t care.  Amazing, simply amazing. In most cases a guy who got DNP’d puts his clothes on in shame and goes home. No talking. No laughing. Nothing. Start the Bentley and off he goes.

Villenueva has been so pathetic, yes pathetic people, that Keuster cannot even use him. Please note the Pistons have the worst front court in basketball. Once again…6’11 with range out to the 3-point line and solid athletic ability…cannot/will not use him.

Yeah, you gotta be a pretty bad guy or at least a pretty big child to get yourself in that spot. Look in the mirror Charles. Well check that, look in your wallet then the mirror.

Tonight was icing on the cake. Mockingly laughing when you know exactly who will hear it marks the low point for what has been a year long depth charge for the biggest free agent bust of the season. What the future holds is very murky. Dumars has always corrected mistakes in short order. Hello Mateen, Nazr  and yes Darko… But this one is going to be tough. This cadaver has 4-more years left on a pretty sizable deal. Pretty simple… It goes one of two ways.

1. Charlie pulls his head out of the sand. Has an Epiphany with his coach and GM and comes into camp next fall ready for blood.


2. He lives the life of Jerome James…Wiki that waste of skin.

I’ll give Charlie the beginning of next year to figure his career out.  I wonder if Joe will wait that long?

  1. Charlie says:

    Mike I can’t agree more with you. I love it when you talk pistons because it’s always stuff the fans need to hear. It’s time for piston fans to be angry with CV’s nightly tweets and lack of effort.

  2. Anthony says:

    Mike, i can listen to you rip that bum every single day. From the get go, i could not understand why Joe signed this guy.

  3. Jeff Talbot says:

    lol Man do I feel sorry for anyone in fantasy basketball who actually drafted this bum. Lottery pick, Baby!

  4. Jeff Talbot says:

    Mike, I’d kiss your arse telling you how right you are and how great this article is, but that’s what I’ve come to expect of you. Greatness.

  5. MNM says:

    Mr. Valenti, I am convinced that you ARE the Mesiah..I don’t know why people are STILL waiting for the 2nd coming..I mean,your here..
    I’ve been saying that I’ll give him another season to get his act together, just to keep myself sane. Im still amazed with some people blaming Kuester for this mess.. Im hoping they drop every game they have left..Im happy that Minn and Washington finally won the other night..Yet I don’t see Detroit get higher in the lotto than 6, and by that point..I dont know what you can do.

  6. M.B. says:

    Nice article. I didn’t hear about that happening. What a tremendous tool. Ya know, you try to like the guy cuz of his weird skin affliction and his good deeds off the court, and then he pulls a stunt like this. I could handle it if he just truly sucked, but not trying and not caring are inexcusable. And I’m one the dummies that liked the signing…

  7. joe from macomb says:

    Charlie V and Gordon have been a waste for the Pistons the rookies are playing better than these two. Cant wait for the Pistons draft coming up in the summer.

  8. matt says:

    good article, i hate this bum

  9. Greg says:

    Hopefully Joe D won’t blow this years draft, just stay away from Cousins, that guy is another Kwame in the making.

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