Karsch And Anderson-Doug Karsch Previews Michigan's Spring Game!

  • CJ in Troy

    Doug – I was driving yesterday when you guys were talking about your “hold it” stories. I was at Tiger Stadium in the summer of 1975. Can’t remember who Detroit was playing. But I remember going to the john for a 10-100 break. I passed the ladies restroom along the way, and noticed the VERY LONG line. While I was shaking hands with johnson, a very attractive young woman came into our restroom. She announced that she couldn’t wait any longer. The toilets had those green dividers and NO DOORS. She dropped trou, sat down, and blew a huge 10-200! As I was preparing to leave, she complained that there was no F-ing toilet paper. Somebody get me some GD toilet paper!. I got her a role from one of the other stalls. She thanked me. I guess you’re allowed to have a potty mouth in the potty. By the way, I noticed her very nice bikini wax job.

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