schefler Report: Lions Trade Ernie Sims For Tight End

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The Lions are involved in a three-team trade that will bring tight end Tony Scheffler to Detroit, while sending linebacker Ernie Sims to Philadelphia and a draft pick to Denver, ESPN’s Adam Schefter posted on his Twitter account.

The Lions generally do not confirm trades until they are official, but general manager Martin Mayhew has been extremely active this off-season while trying to rebuild the team’s talent base. for more

  1. James Bowlby says:

    i’m thinking, this very well could shore up a possible trade with seattle (2nd for 6th and 14th). say Seattle wants to trade up for Okung so the skins cant get him. Suh could very well drop to the number 6 spot. cause everyone believes that McCoy will go to the Bucs cause he fits the system, Skins wont draft a DT since… theyve got Albert, Cheifs wont cause they drafted Dorsey and Jackson the past two yrs. so realistically he could drop to 6 for detroit if they traded down. and with the picks, the lions get suh at 6, a LT at 14, and hope Mays falls to 34. or they could go Rolando Mclain at 14 if he’s there (highly unlikely) and go LT at 34.

  2. Anthony says:

    this is a pending good trade.. sims is injury happy and misses alot of tackles .. sucks at zone of the leads fastest linebackers in the nfl & cant blitz =/.

    trade kevin smith get a linebacker lets have fun man.

  3. Rob says:

    Glad we used that first round pick on a tight end last year. Also, nothing like trading a former 1st rounder AND a pick for a former 2nd rounder. Awesome.

  4. rodney says:

    This trade does not make any sense as there LB are much weaker now without Sims and Foote. Scheffler is injury prone himself more like a David Sloan with a lot of talent but always injured.

  5. Joe From Macomb says:

    LB are much weaker now without Sims and Foote

    not really Foote gave up after the 2nd game of the year Sims was a bum period

    trade kevin smith get a linebacker lets have fun man. kevin smith this sucks lucky if the Lions can get a 7th round pick

    Glad we used that first round pick on a tight end last year are you kidding it was a busted pick should of drafted this player Phil Loadholt RT going to haunt the Lions for the next 10 years

  6. Dave C says:

    I have a strange feeling that this just opens the door for Keith Bulluck to sign with the Lions. After all, he is a Shwatrz guy from Tennessee!

  7. Kevin says:

    Awful, awful trade. A former first round pick traded for a tight end, when we drafted a tight end in the first round last year? Your kidding me.

  8. Alan Madlane says:

    As a former WMU Bronco, I’ve followed Scheffler’s career a bit. He’s a good one. Lions are loaded now at TE (Scheffler, Pettigrew, Heller, Gronkowski) but thin once again at LB. Should be a very interesting draft.

  9. Joe From Macomb says:

    opens the door for Keith Bulluck lets get more wash up bums from the Titans woooohohoohohoh

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