Valenti And Foster-Would You Tazer This Kid?

tazed fan Valenti And Foster Would You Tazer This Kid?
Associated Press
  • Bruce

    Yes, they asked him to stop and he did not. It is not your right to run out onto the field of play. Far as I am concerned, they should have shot him in the ass with rock salt pellets.

  • Dave P

    In this day and age cops can’t win, don’t act quickly enough and something bad happens it’s there fault, act to quickly and they are over reacting. You run from the police you put yourself in harms way! He got what he deserved and with 5 cops shot and 1 dead here in Detroit I prefer they get the idiots under control by any means necessary.

  • Dave

    Yes, taze him, no police officer should be made a fool in public, to many donughts or not. This county will do anything to get that 15 sec of fame, I’m not watching a contest for that.

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