Valenti And Foster – Should The Pistons Trade Up For The #2 Pick In The Draft?


21 Valenti And Foster   Should The Pistons Trade Up For The #2 Pick In The Draft?
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  • Nicholas

    If Joe believes there is a star in the making player at number 2 then do it. There’s no sense in jumping up 5 spots to get an unproven player at the expense of some of our current players if that player is going to be yet another role player. This draft might be deep on quality, but not on star players. I’d rather move up 2-3 spots for Wesley Johnson, then 5 for Turner.

  • chuck

    philly would never give up the #2 pick. maybe rip and tay for brand

  • lloyd

    Then we would have to trust joe d to make the pick…good luck with that

  • Mike

    I would like another 2nd round pick. I would like to draft Udoh and Jordan in the 2nd, and if we could get another 2nd rounder I would take a PG

  • roc

    At what cost? Joe is right to look at the bigs in this draft. There are enough for him to get Monroe & look to find a good sized 4 or another 5, say Whiteside. Twin towers are the norm now and if the Pistons don’t want to continue playing catchup, the above makes a lot of sense. No one under 6-8, please.

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