524cousins Pistons Could Trade Up To Draft Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins, Or He Could Fall To Them

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Fans around here probably were giddy if they saw Saturday’s New York Daily News note that the Detroit Pistons were looking to move up from the No. 7 spot in next month’s NBA draft in hopes of landing Kentucky big man DeMarcus Cousins.
The thinking is that Cousins can be had if the Pistons can move into the No. 4-5 range (currently occupied by the Timberwolves and Kings).

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  1. Big Al says:

    What up Truth and Mike V, Truth be told dude is talented and my interest is peaked. You don’t get too many true big men with a with polished back to the basket game capped off by the aroma of a sizzlin’ mean streak but there are more flags being thrown around him than at a Eagles Redskins Game!!!

    The Pistons need to get this one right if they are to return to relevancy before I see my 5 year daughter off to her senior prom!!! Their roster is jammed with 2s’ and 3s’ and 4s’ who want to be 2s’ and 3s’. Not to mention their best bigman is south of 35.

    Their core needs to be defined and balanced out, obviously but with questions swirling about him from the neck up about his off the court demeanor and dude strolls in 292 at 19 years old, what can you expect after a few years and a few $Mill$ in the leauge? To show up with that type of body fat ratio validates to some degree some of the questions regarding him mentally. He could be another Oliver William or a Hot Plate Williams and 2 spoons fulls off from out of the leauge in 3 years!

    I wouldn’t kill the Pistons if they gambled on him and took him if they had another lottery pick and took another big, therefore leverging or lessoning the dependency on him and the risk. The guy I like is Whiteside out of Marshall. I think he has a Camby floor and an Admirals’ ceiling. An off the ball defender that can anchor a Defense that was softer than Beyonces’ bottom. Not to mention a fifteen footer that with a little big man camp foot work can be a nice turn around jumper. You might get the Clippers to loosen up on that 8th pick for Tayshaun.

    The Pistons definately in my mind need to come out of this draft with a Whiteside due to their needz, his skillz, and hizzz upside. I would like a Cousins but we need a Whiteside.

  2. Jai Simon says:

    Excellent choice as he is the kind of impact player that we need. The question is who and what do you give up to get him. There is a strong possibility that he may drop to the 7th spot as people our skeptical of the mental issues that he carries.

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