Overturn The Call?

jim joyce1 Overturn The Call?


  • Mike in Marlette

    There is a bit of an out here…Official scorers often change a hit to an error and vice versa a day later…So the Official scorer could say that Galarraga was juggling the ball call it an error and Galarrag still gets a no-hitter, just not a perfect game.

  • Sue

    AG deserves the perfect game. There was no error; it should not be made something that it is not for anyone’s sake. It is what it was and is, a Perfect game!

  • terrycicala

    I LOVE THE TIGERS! I love baseball. Last night’s game was disheartening. BUT…it also reminded me that the game is as big as we are. Thank you, Gallaraga, for reminding me that baseball has a heart and SOUL. The heart of it made us cry, the soul of it made us see that mistakes can be forgiven. Thanks Gallaraga for being baseball incarnate.

    • Cheryl in Harrison Township

      Considering the Joyce admitted he blew the call not months, weeks or days after the incident, but in less than a hour it seems as though Selig should be able to overturn the call. As to Trevor Crowe’s at bat it can be erased just as all activity is in a game that isn’t completed due to rain. It wouldn’t be the first time a baseball commissioner has changed history; Fay Vincent had 50 no hitters thrown out of the history books. All the facts ar clear. Armando Galaragga pitched a perfect game and history should reflect that.

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