jim joyce1 Overturn The Call?


  1. Mike in Marlette says:

    There is a bit of an out here…Official scorers often change a hit to an error and vice versa a day later…So the Official scorer could say that Galarraga was juggling the ball call it an error and Galarrag still gets a no-hitter, just not a perfect game.

  2. Sue says:

    AG deserves the perfect game. There was no error; it should not be made something that it is not for anyone’s sake. It is what it was and is, a Perfect game!

  3. terrycicala says:

    I LOVE THE TIGERS! I love baseball. Last night’s game was disheartening. BUT…it also reminded me that the game is as big as we are. Thank you, Gallaraga, for reminding me that baseball has a heart and SOUL. The heart of it made us cry, the soul of it made us see that mistakes can be forgiven. Thanks Gallaraga for being baseball incarnate.

    1. Cheryl in Harrison Township says:

      Considering the Joyce admitted he blew the call not months, weeks or days after the incident, but in less than a hour it seems as though Selig should be able to overturn the call. As to Trevor Crowe’s at bat it can be erased just as all activity is in a game that isn’t completed due to rain. It wouldn’t be the first time a baseball commissioner has changed history; Fay Vincent had 50 no hitters thrown out of the history books. All the facts ar clear. Armando Galaragga pitched a perfect game and history should reflect that.

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