Since more facts have come out in the case, have your feelings shifted? 

  1. Darren Boyle says:

    Hi guys,
    New Canadian fan that stumbled onto you today while driving home from Sarnia to Exeter (yes, you reach this far north and east) . The facts haven’t changed my mind at all. While watching this on WDIV when it first happened something made me think this wasn’t an “accident”. Terry was right on the money, you don’t let people on the lamb into your home. It is entirely on you! The city of Detroit owes this family nothing. It is sad that this is the perception of Detroit to most of the world: rampant murders and police and crime out of control. Being a Tigers fan and that I visit Detroit regularly, I know that is not Detroit at all, it is a vibrant city on the rebound to greater things!

  2. Andre says:

    Without a doubt. If her father was one of the men in the SUV when that 17 kid got shot, and he brought a murderer back to his house to stay then I have no sympathy for him. I also don’t believe that the other people in the house didn’t know that this cat was bad news. In addition, the police found, not 1 but 2!!! stolen cars in the backyard. It is my opinion that they put these children in danger and they should receive nothing as compensation for the death of the 7 year old girl. Any money that is collected in a settlement needs to go into college funds for the remaining children.

  3. Jane says:

    As sorry as I am about this child being killed, the parents have to take a certain amount of responsibility for their part in this. The police would have NEVER been there had daddy not been involved in that young mans murder.

  4. Brian says:

    I believe reporters have had a field day with this by giving the public limited info as always to shed light on it and do not obtain all facts about the situation. Also, i believe race plays a role in the constant media coverage lets face the facts had that police officer been African American people wouldnt be so keyed on locking him up come on people he was doing his job as ordered He had absolutely no intent on killing her but mistakes happen its enough that he has to live with that on his consiounce the rest of his life.

    1. Jared says:

      the dad should go to jail, if he knew.. but lets stop there… Cops should be able to take a little time and find out whos in the house and Grandma and hear 7 grandkids.. Did the cop want to be bad ass do to the presents of the First 48… Its a 2 family flat they hit the wrong apt.. They owe this Grandmother and her now 6 grandkids something, the father will more then likely go to jail.. So its not just black and white both sides have fault

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