Valenti And Foster-Would You Be Mad If Izzo Left For Cleveland?

mb 17 Valenti And Foster Would You Be Mad If Izzo Left For Cleveland?

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  • Raymond

    Izzo deserves to be able to leave with no hard feelings. With that said, yes, I would be mad as hell. Izzo has made MSU basketball something that other schools envy. I ama 45 year old MSU fan that has never had the thrill of rooting for a team that others envy. In addition to that, the Sparties have a legit shot at the title next year, Izzo leaves and that shot leaves with him.

  • Mike

    Agreed Izzo does deserve to leave MSU without anyone complaining about it. With that said I do not believe he will go. I find it hard to imagine Izzo’s coaching style being effective in the NBA. The way he gets on players and yells at them to their face would not work well with a lot of the show boating and soft players in the NBA. Also I think Izzo enjoys not only coaching college aged players but also helping them develop as a person. This is something that would not be as prevalent if he coached in the NBA and for that reason I think he will stay.

  • Sgt. Ed Abbott

    Detroit is a pro market too, stop this stupid college talk, we hate this stuff. Who cares! You have to be backwoods to care about this garbage! Your killing us listeners!

  • John

    Tom Izzo has every God given right to leave. Tell the cry babies like Gator and Pat to get a life. There is more to life then coaching MSU Basketball.

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