blood Red Cross Needs Your BloodWith the long holiday weekend comes word of a critical need for blood donations in Southeastern Michigan. 

Donations are down and the CEO of the Red Cross Blood Service region, Diane Ward, says it takes a lot of donations to  supply 42 hospitals in this five county region.

“We need about 900 donors in order to ship about 800 units, that’s 800pints of blood to the hospitals every single day. So, we’re only getting 500, 600 during the holiday period, and we need to remind people to think about us while they’re having fun and make that appointment,” said Ward.

Ward says the 900 pints of blood they need every day get shipped to 42 hospitals in the five counties. Blood types most in need are O-negative, A negative and B-negative. 

Ward says if they don’t get more blood donors soon, hospitals may have to decide whether to delay elective surgeries and other services. 

You can call 1 (800) RED-CROSS to donate.


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