decision 30 Easy Come, Easy Go For King James

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They ended up with that split-screen of the King’s jersey burned live on his infomercial, as this sad, lost robot sat in a leafy suburban gymnasium with children as props and the world watching, those empty eyes masking a lost, dazed LeBron James(notes). This was the champagne shower for the Championship of Me, an exercise in self-aggrandizement and self-loathing that will have far-reaching implications for the NBA and James. What a spectacle, what a train wreck. for more

  1. linda says:

    HI LeBron; Iam Happy for you , because you are a hard work playing player and you desier this I want to see you win a Championship, Good Lucky you chosen the right team, God Bless, I will keep you in my prayer, Linda Goree fFROM ATLANTA GA,

  2. Frank Costanza says:

    Could you imagine a player like Al Kaline or Steve Yezerman pulling the crap that LeBron just did. And I blame the media for falling into the trap of the “Got a have story”. I hope he blows his knee out in the first game of the season.

  3. Scott says:

    Lowly lebron is not only a cowrard but I agree with Terry and mike about this low life. He has Jeopardized his “kingshit-ness”, but also as a fan, he has Jeopardized his “kingshitness”. I hate ohio and any part of it, but, I will tell you that any playa like that piece of shit that would had done to cleveland like that piece shit would have done to did to DETROIT, we would run him out of town on a rail, fucking asshole. By the way, mike you certainly know how to make something out of nothing on many subjects, you piece of shit spartie asshole. If it were not for Terry, you would not be a part of the program, mike, you are an asshole. Terry, only one other thing, quit kissing mike’s ass as I am sure you can get the program running by yourself. All those that call in and kiss mike’s ass are a bunch of fuck nuts. Late

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