job fair Career Fair TodayThe University of Phoenix and CareerBuilder have teamed up for the free “Reinvent Your Future” event, July 15, at the Detroit MGM Grand Hotel.

The event, which runs from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., also includes workshops on topics such as interview preparation, resume writing and personal presentation.

More than 30 companies will be on hand, including New York Life, BAE Systems, North American Bancard and MetLife.

“Job seekers must quickly adapt to this new economy to both differentiate themselves and to demonstrate relevance to potential employers,” said Jan Cardwell, University of Phoenix Vice President/Director for Michigan campuses. 

“This event bridges career, education and identity development, helping job seekers take their search to the next level. The tools and information available at ‘Reinvent Your Future’ will help candidates refresh their job-hunting approach and learn how to best market themselves.”    

Vice President Caldwell said they looked for employers who were actually hiring when they searched for employers to include in the career fair.

“We didn’t want to have employers to come down who didn’t have jobs. We specifically, in partnership with Careerbuilder, were looking for employers who are looking to build their organization,” said Vice President Caldwell.

Crowds of job seekers are arriving in a steady stream at the casino to pitch employers on why they should be hired. Mary Iola of New Hudson is looking for work in the sales and clerical field.

“There are a few that were very interesting. Mary Lynch was one, Sisco was another one, and I talked to Blue Cross Blue Shield,” said Iola.

The State of Michigan was among 38 employers who welcomed applicants at the reinvent your future job fair. Detroit HR specialist Stella Chesney said the State is hiring in a wide range of areas.

“Right now we’re heavily recruiting for our ends. We opened up a new exam for the conservation officer, it’s going to be closing in December. We’re also recruiting for a corrections officer,” said Chesney.

Most of the State of Michigan job openings are posted online. If you don’t have access to a computer at home visit your local library, or head down to the State of Michigan office and use the computers there.

The Detroit “Reinvent Your Future” event is the twelfth in a series of 16 career retooling events across the country.

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  1. Mike Vitale says:

    All these career fairs are nothing more than money makers for schools, resume writers, job search sites, and the like. With so many people going back to school, degrees are a dime a dozen. Employers seem to be looking for experience gleaned after twenty or thirty years in the work force in a 25 year old body. Most of the jobs offered are sales and very few jobs are offered to those of us older displaced workers and I’m not just talking about auto assembly line workers. At 40 you’re considered old, 50 not easy to train, and 60 considered either a health risk or won’t put in enough years to make hiring you worthwhile. All the experience, work ethic, and technology you may possess doesn’t seem to really matter. It comes down to what has always worked in the past… it’s who you know.

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