job market stock Jobless Benefit Extension Expected To Pass TodayAfter overcoming a Republican filibuster, the U.S. Senate is expected to finally pass a bill today to extend unemployment benefits for some 2.5 million Americans.

Democrats overcame the filibuster Tuesday with the support of Maine’s two Republican senators and the new senator from West Virginia. After a final Senate vote, the bill goes back to the House, which is expected to approve it today.

What does this mean for unemployed workers in Michigan?

It means the restoration of benefits for some 73,000 residents who were going to have to go without. The other bit of good news out of this is those benefits will be paid out retroactively.

With an unemployment rate of just over 13-percent, Michigan has led the nation for much of the past four years, in terms of the number of unemployed.

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  1. Jack Jordan says:

    I don’t begrudge people who are out of work receiving such benefits; however, I want it paid for, not borrowed from China, Russia or other countries, or more money printed, which will lead to inflation. I am sick and tired of our elected officials continuing to rise the national debt and then using the situation for their own political gain. I teach a college course in Personal Finance, and as this debt increases (now well over $13 trillion), we the people, or as Theo Huxtable would say “regular people,” our children, grandchildren, and so on into eternity are going to be paying for this financial mess that they have created. I will not let us, again the regular people off the hook either as we want all of our entitlements–unemployment, Social Security, health care, etc. When did we the people get so dependent on the government for everything??!! When does the madness end? Where is the common sense? We cannot continue this way!

    1. TSRiley says:

      Ok man then U pay for it!

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