detroit police chief evans1 e1279811874694 Ousted Police Chief Fires Back On Facebook



 Warren Evans fired back at critics with comments on Facebook, one day after resigning his position as Detroit Police Chief, saying he doesn’t “get the big fuss” about a video promoting a reality show in which he would star.  

On his Facebook page, Evans said the show called “The Chief” is “a producer’s product” and “if the City doesn’t like it there won’t be a series.”  

The promotional video includes footage of Evans posing with an assault rifle outside a vacant city train station, patrolling and making arrests. “It’s my job to keep the city safe. I’ll do whatever it takes,” Evans says in the clip.  

Also on Facebook. Evans wrote that “it’s a shame when it’s problematic for two single adults to date”  — an apparent reference to his reported romantic relationship with Lt. Monique Russell-Patterson.  

Detroit Mayor Bing said Wednesday it was “a combination of things” that led him to ask for Evans’ resignation — later citing the video. 

“I was upset  about [“The Chief” video] because, number one, I was blindsided by it. I knew nothing about it. And, I didn’t want our city depicted like that,” Bing told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Vickie Thomas. 

(View the clip at 

Bing also mentioned “personelle issues,” on which he would not elaborate.  Bing said the former chief was “compromised in some of the decisions he made.”   

Assistant Chief Ralph Godbee will serve as interim chief until a replacement for Evans is found.  

Bing said there is no timeline to have a new Chief in place.  

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  1. Email me! says:

    Every crook and thug in detroit is rejoicing today. Free, free, free at last!

  2. Jeff says:

    It’s a big deal EVENS because it’s not your job to be a star on a reality show. Given all the corruption Detroit has already received, you thought it best to make yourself look good showing all our dirty laundry? How much were you getting PAID for that? How’s your Girlfriend who got promoted just around the time she was brought up on felony charges? …and you have to ask??? Don’t you think we’ve been through enough? Glad we got rid of you now before we get another scandal down the road…years from now, after you eventually run for Mayor in your quest for more power…..

  3. Jim McLaughlin says:

    How can Detroit be shown in anything but a bad light much of the time? At least he was out in the street. Speaking of bad light – two words: Kwame Kilpatrick.

  4. Martha Camp says:

    I think it was a big mistake to loose a man who was making a difference. The video depicts a reality that truly exists and this man was trying to do something about that. I don’t think much of Dave Bing, because I remember when he supported Kwame Kilpatrick and then changed his mind, when the heat got hotter. I think maybe Warren Evans was pushing some of HIS friends too hard. I hate to think that the thugs are back in charge.

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