greene tamara Witness Claims Kilpatricks, AG Cox Attended Manoogian Mansion PartyThere are new developments in the lawsuit on behalf of the family of murdered stripper Tamara Greene.

The attorney for the Greene family, Norman Yatooma, says there’s an affidavit of a witness who claims to have worked security at a party at the Manoogian Mansion in 2002 and that former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his father Bernard, and State Attorney General Mike Cox, now a gubernatorial candidate, were there.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the affidavit (.pdf format)

Yatooma told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Beth Fisher that the witness said the Kilpatricks and Mike Cox were in attendance. Yatooma went on to say that the witness testified under oath that Kwame Kilpatrick received a dance from Tamara Greene, which resulted in her assault by Carlita Kilpatrick and, Yatooma said, Mike Cox also received a lap dance.

Cox’s response: “It’s absolute ‘B-S’.” He went on to say that he intends to remain focused on next week’s Michigan primary.

Yatooma is trying to prove that Kilpatrick covered up Greene’s murder investigation and he has sued him and the city of Detroit.

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  1. colleen egan says:

    I’m having a hard time believing this. Its just too easy to say this and not have to prove it. I don’t think any county prosecutor is that stupid to have hung out at a lap dance gig with Kwame. They didn’t like each other. So where’s the proof for this. Tired of the he said she said. The Court needs to UNSEAL and RELEASE the entire Cox deposition. ITs not Cox that is hiding it, the judge won’t unseal it.

    1. ilovcougar says:

      I totally agree with you. But on the other hand, why did the Court seal the records? Why won’t they unseal them? Isn’t this information Public Record?

    2. Globaby says:

      Whether Kwame Kilpatrick & Mike Cox liked each other or not the drawing card was a party at the Manoogian Mansion with free food, drinks, strippers and lap dances. A nice night out for guys who enjoy this type of entertainment.

      It is public knowledge that Kwame loves strip joints. So, why not bring the party to the mansion so that his friends and other high officials and clergy can enjoy the show in the privacy of the mansion.

      This was suppose to be a safe haven until Carlita got wind of it.

      Some men love strippers and lap dances, and others don’t want strippers sweating on their Armani’s or Sean John’s. In fact there are men who do not frequent strip clubs at all.

      When you are doing wrong and trying to win friends you want good company in high places to cover for you. When all of the guests (preachers, teachers, politicians, John Doe’s et al) are in the same place indulging in the same festivties no one can point a finger at the other without three pointing back at them.

      So, all attendees are mum.

      However, there are four sides to this ordeal. Kwame and his guests side; the deceased side (whatever the connection), Carlita Kilpatrick’s side, and the TRUTH.

      If you have a conscience and have loved ones you can empathize with this whole dilemma. May the TRUTH PREVAIL.

  2. Glenda, the good witch says:

    Why sure, perfectly plausible. Along with Bishop Tutu and Ralph Reed.

  3. Turn says:

    Colleen, look what happened to Tamara Green. Don’t you think everyone is scared the same will happen to them?
    It’s not hard to believe at all that this happened and there is actually a cover up going on. No one would pay $6M to a couple of wrongfully discharged cops to cover up an affair – let alone commit perjury and go to jail for it, right?

  4. Joe martin says:

    I think this is the tip of the iceberg, too many people have alot to lose. Like monica connors. Why didn’t she go to jail. a sick family member. yea right. are the judges scared too? and people wonder why Detroit has a bad name As a kid I grew up in Detroit, as an adult I stay away.

  5. Ken says:

    As far-fetched as it may seem, I have no problem believing Mike Cox was at that alleged party. Cox is as shifty as they come. It didn’t take him very long at all to conclude that that party was “urban legend”. Too bad he didn’t put as much effort into that investigation as he did when he tried to pin a child molestation rap onto the school teacher (Perry) in Pontiac. With all the witnesses (teachers) who testified that it would have been impossible for the incident to happen, Cox insisted the man was guilty, even labeling him a “predator”. Keep your eyes on Cox.

  6. LokiBlue says:

    Its common knowledge that strippers hire bikers for protection against assaults at parties. This guy may have actually seen something. On the other hand, the Manoogian Mansion is guarded day and night to the DPD executive protection unit. This biker (if he really exists) would never be let inside. The closest he would have been allowed would be the driveway. There is obviously someones aganeda at work here but who that could be is so unclear that it reeks. Why did channel 4 put this out?? Liberal politics, plain and simple is my estimation.

  7. LynnK says:

    FYI…WDIV needs to get the info straight.

    To: Mike Cox 2010 Supporters
    From: Stu Sandler, Mike Cox 2010 Campaign Manager
    RE: Smear attacks against Mike Cox from political opponents and members of the Mainstream Media
    Date: 7/27/10

    With one week to go, there are a lot of people who are working very hard to make sure Mike Cox is not going to be Governor. Desperate people do desperate things. In the next 7 days, we fully expect a stream of convicted felons, self-interested trial lawyers, fearful lobbyists, and liberal interests groups to do everything they can to prevent Mike Cox from making the change Michigan needs.

    To continue these falsehoods, yesterday, a five-time felon put out a string of lies based on supposed incidents from eight years ago. Everyone calls it suspect and ridiculous.

    So who is the first person to make the latest claim? WDIV, who first reported the story, reports that the person making the baseless claims, Wilson Kay, Jr., is a career criminal, a five-time felon with convictions on weapons charges, drug charges and arson, among others.

    Flat out, Wilson Kay, Jr. is a liar. Any legitimate news organization which perpetuates this lie is being used by political opponents to complete desperate hail Mary passes in the final days of this campaign. Such organizations will have crossed over from news to tabloid.

    These attacks made by political opponents for over 8 years, have been called “the lowest of the low” by several other third-party groups including the Michigan Truth Squad and the Detroit Free Press.

    Below you will find statements from Mike Cox, Detroit City Councilman and former Police Chief Gary Brown, and former Detroit Police Lieutenant Tom Berry,calling each of these smear attacks for what they are–lies.

    Each is a public servant who has built his career on integrity and taking the fight to career criminals. Mike Cox is endorsed for Governor, by the Wayne County Chiefs of Police. Those police chiefs that keep Wayne County safe, know Mike Cox, have worked with him for over 21 years and know he is a leader of integrity.

    We learned tonight that Cox’s opponents will literally stop at nothing to prevent Mike Cox from going to Lansing to change the status quo, dramatically cut wasteful spending and cut taxes on job makers and families.

    Michigan families deserve better. Next Tuesday when we head to the polls, we’ll take the next step to ensure better days for Michigan when we nominate Mike Cox in the race for Governor.

    Stu Sandler
    Mike Cox 2010 Campaign Manager


    Attorney General Mike Cox today issued the following statement in response to malicious lies being spread by political opponents:

    “These claims are absolutely false, and frankly, absurd.

    “It’s no surprise that these ridiculous, false allegations come just days before the election; I fully expected this kind of thing.

    “The claims of this career criminal are absolutely ridiculous. I have never stepped foot inside the Manoogian Mansion and I had never even met the mayor in 2002. This is a desperate move by political thugs with no facts to back up their lies.”

    Detroit City Councilman and former Detroit Police Chief Gary Brown responded to the baseless accusations in the Detroit Free Press:

    “Detroit City Councilman Gary Brown, a former deputy police chief whose career was derailed by Kilpatrick for investigating the purported party, said the latest disclosures are “absolutely not” credible.”–Detroit Free Press, 7/27/10. Gary Brown was the police chief whose lawsuit eventually caused Mayor Kilpatrick to resign.

    Tom Berry, a retired Detroit Police Lieutenant who worked on the Violent Crimes Taskforce with the FBI on the Tamara Greene murder investigation said:

    “For eight years, no one has come forward and all of a sudden a career criminal puts out a bunch of lies. This story being perpetrated by political thugs is complete nonsense. As a former Detroit police lieutenant on the violent crime task force, I worked case after case with Mike Cox and know he is a leader of integrity.”

  8. Mark says:

    Mike Cox, Kilpatrick , Granholm and Duggin of DMC all came out of the same office, Wayne County Prosecuters Office. They all know the dirt on each other and they cover for one another.

  9. Tom says:

    Hold on Colleen. Cox is not a county prosecutor, he’s the State’s Attorney General. Now, an accusation is only that and not evidence or proof. I don’t believe the story either since the if only that Mike Cox has everything to lose and nothing to gain by participating in a lurid party. But, if this gets corroborated he’s toast politically.

  10. tzegan says:

    First and foremost, I am NOT a fan of Mike Cox or Kwame Kilpatrick, but the reporting on the Tamara Greene death and investigation has been heavily one-sided, and, unquestionably, inflammatory. Nothing has been said about Norman Yatooma’s own past conduct and ethics (the attorney handling the case for the Tamara Greene family).

    I only have one example handy, but it should provide a starting point for any investigation.

    Norman Yatooma himself submitted and signed a “sworn” affidavit, signed under oath, in a matter before the MI Supreme Court. He “averred that he had personal knowledge of certain conflicts of interest.” The submission of his “sworn” affidavit resulted in a two-day evidentiary hearing being held to substantiate the veracity of his claims. It was determined by the courts later that the affidavit was baseless and unsupportable and that there was a “lack of support” for the affidavit. It resulted in $53,117.60 in sanctions being awarded. Yatooma was very careful not to actually testify. A person cannot be prosecuted for a false affidavit, but they can for false testimony at a deposition or in court. Yatooma’s current witness in the Greene matter signed an affidavit, but has not been made available for deposition.

    The case involving Yatooma’s affidavit is a matter of public record. Thomas v Hawkins, Court of Appeals case number 271031, January 3, 2008. I am not sure, but I believe Yatooma was already representing the Greene family at that time. You can find the case online:

    Go to:

    Select “Court of Appeals” on the left side of the screen

    Hold your cursor over “Resources”

    When the drop-down menu appears select “Case Inquiry”

    Select “Docket Number Inquiry”

    In the box enter “271031” then click the button for “Court of Appeals” and then click on “Search”

    The docket for the case will appear. Scroll down to 1/03/2008

    Select “Click here” to see it in .pdf format (you need to have Adobe Acrobat)

    A copy of the case will open

    The Thomas v Hawkins case is a matter of public record and is easily accessible. It proves that Norman Yatooma himself is not above providing the courts, even the MI Supreme Court, with a false “sworn” affidavit in an effort to sway a case for a client. He is the one attacking Cox and Kilpatrick and trying to persuade everyone that they are under-handed and dishonest. Maybe they are, I don’t know. But Yatooma’s own ethics and behavior should be made public as well so that the reporting is balanced, and so the that public can make their own informed decisions as matters progress. Kilpatrick and Cox might find the information interesting also.

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