Plymouth-based AVL North America says its simulation platform has contributed to Aptera Motors’ electric vehicle concept, the Aptera 2e, an Alternative Class finalist in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition.

Since January 2009, AVL has contributed to the development of the battery electric vehicle through use of their vehicle system and driveline analysis tool, AVL Cruise.

Offering various simulation and optimization capabilities, Cruise assisted in improving efficiencies within all modes of 2e vehicle operation. By investigating performance sensitivity as it relates to driver input, the Aptera development team was able to realize the outcome of different driving techniques prior to competing in X Prize.

The adaptable platform also played a critical role in helping Aptera to meet the competition’s stringent safety, emissions and performance requirements.

In one example, CRUISE allowed Aptera to use real and simulated data to identify an unexplainable resistance component that led to replacement of the vehicle’s electric motor.

The X Prize will award $10 million split among three vehicles that meet a minimum of 100 miles per gallon energy equivalent, while still being safe, fun to drive, affordable, and capable of being manufactured in large numbers.

“AVL Cruise provided by far the most powerful, robust and adaptable platform for developing accurate vehicle models,” said Tom Reichenbach, vice president and chief engineer, Aptera Motors. “AVL has an expansive knowledge of vehicle powertrain analysis. Along with excellent technical support, the Cruise software solution is a winning combination.”

Of 136 original X Prize entrants, only 11 finalists will advance to the validation stage Sept. 16 in Washington D.C. Competing alongside the three-wheeled Aptera 2e in the Alternative Class, Side-by-Side division, will be four additional battery electric vehicles.

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AVL is the world’s largest privately owned and independent company for the development of gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel powertrain systems, as well as fuel cell and hybrid technologies. The company offers combined solutions of powertrain engineering, simulation software and testing and instrumentation systems.

AVL’s North American Headquarters is in Plymouth.

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