[photogallerylink id=19468 align=left]A new reality show called Hardcore Pawn will be putting Detroit’s best pawn artists in the national spotlight.

The show provides an inside and entertaining look at American Jewelry and Loan on 8 Mile and Greenfield Road.

The show will feature irate customers to weird and unusual items people bring in to pawn, like a stripper pole, a cannon and even a pony.

The store is run by the aptly named Les Gold and his son Seth who believe the show has a winning formula.

“We’ll buy anything, we’ll try anything.  Nothing is out of limits for us,” Les Gold said.

“We’re family run, we’re 45 employees with a thousand customers, our customers love what’s going on, they see the cameras and they can’t believe it, they eat it up,” Seth Gold said.

It’s likely to compete with the less gritty “Pawn Stars,” already showing on the History Channel.

“Detroiters are very tough and they’re going to do anything and everything to survive, and we help them out,” Les Gold said.

“Essentially, what pawn shops are, they’re economic barometers, so before the economy started slipping we saw it in our store,” Seth Gold said.

The first episode airs on TruTV Monday, August 16 at 11 p.m.

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Comments (3)
  1. terry says:

    Hello I love the show i was wanting to get ahold of Ashley,isor does she have a e-mail or somewhere that we can send her our send her a one one chat- Iove to be able to chat or just send her a note ,keep up the good work the show is SUPER WE L;OVE IT !!

  2. pat says:

    You guys are the best > Don’t take any BS from anybody .

    Would you happen to have any newer model golf arcade games up there ?

  3. Sonia Bowen says:

    Hi my husband watchs your show, I used to enjoy your show as well, but now I can’t stand it! The brother acts like a spoiled little brat, very inmature! The sister and brother need to respect each oter, mostly the brother needs to learn respect! Your language is awful. You guys should watch yourself on tv. I’m sorry you guys have to dal with all those ignorant customers as well, not all but some. Your in that kind of business though.

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