Monica Conyers To Report To Prison Sept 10th

conyers monica2 Monica Conyers To Report To Prison Sept 10thThe wife of Michigan Congressman John Conyers has less than four weeks of freedom before beginning a 37-month federal sentence for taking a bribe as a Detroit City Council member.

Judge Avern Cohn on Tuesday denied bond pending Monica Conyers’ appeal of his refusal to allow her to withdraw a guilty plea on the day she was sentenced.

Cohn’s order says she “shall report to the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons” on Sept. 10.

Conyers already won a delay until that date to help a relative with medical needs.

She pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit bribery and admitted taking cash to support a sludge-hauling contract.

It’s unknown when a federal appeals court will hear her case.

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  • J.C.

    You & I would have been serving our sentence by now……..

  • Rick

    At the start of this article you say, “Congressman John Conyer’s has less then 4weeks freedom….”. Don’t you mean Monica Conyer’s?

  • J.O Hiller

    Monica Conyers.

    Is she going to get out of going to prison again .That will be B.S.

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