Although a judge ruled this week that the Detroit Public Schools must rehire the 226 security officers that were fired last month, the union says workers were shut out of their work sites Friday.

“At this point, we haven’t seen that order. That order has not been issued. So, we have nothing to go on,” said DPS spokesman Steve Wasco. 

“I will tell you this — the moment that we do see that order, our very first action — which we are already preparing to do — would be to immediately appeal to the State Court of Appeals,” he said. 

Wasko adds the reason the guards were laid off was because of absenteeism.

WWJ spoke, also, with Local 214 Spokesman David Sutton.

“I can’t confirm those kinds of numbers. Certainly, if there were absenteeism that high, on any given date, then we would have seen a lot more discipline in response to attendance,” Sutton said.

Sutton says about 65 guards showed up for work Friday but were turned away.

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