parking istock e1283202958268 Parking Permits Required In Royal Oak Neighborhoods During FestivalArts, Beats and Eats festival-goers will not be allowed to park in Royal Oak neighborhoods. And, if you park illegally, you’ll pay the price.Neighborhoods likely to be impacted by visitors to the festival have been designated a permit parking only zone during the Labor Day Weekend event.  

“We have over 11,000 parking spaces available for festival attendees.  There is no reason anyone needs to park in our neighborhoods” said Royal Oak City Manager Don Johnson.

Vehicles parked on neighborhood streets without a permit are subject to a $50 parking ticket and can be towed.  Temporary signs will be posted.

“[Residents] don’t want to find all of the street parking taken up by visitors.  They don’t want the noise or litter or anything else from visitors returning to their cars,” Johnson said.

The City has mailed parking permits to neighborhood residents.   The permit zone is bounded by 10 Mile on the south, Woodward on the east, Catalpa and Gardenia on the north and Gainsborough, Wayndotte and Mohawk on the east. 

Click here to view the zone map (.pdf format)

Additionally, all Royal Oak parking meters will be closed during the event.

Parking will be available at downtown Royal Oak lots and structures for $15.  Parking will also be available at near-downtown lots for $15.

CLICK HERE for detailed festival parking information.

Be sure to stay with WWJ Newsradio 950 all weekend long for the latest on festival traffic and parking.

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Comments (4)
  1. Donald Bajorek says:

    I understand the neighbor,s feeling,s and agree.However fifteen dollar,s to park your car is crazy.It should be illegal to charge outrageous price,s like that.Every time you turn around someone is trying to stick it to you.EVERYBODY BOYCOTT

  2. Dan says:

    I am still trying to figure who made the decision in the first place to put Arts Beats and Eats in downtown Royal Oak. And all the people who are so concerned about the public street in front of their house…… Where were you when that insane decision was made to have the festival in your fine city? About that $15 parking charge! DITTO……The City of Royal Oak should have free shuttle service to the fair.

  3. Teresa says:

    Unfortunately, the RO police ticketed people who parked in areas that were not posted with the temporary signs during the Arts Beats and Eats festival. Now, we have to take the time out of our day to fight it. Frustrating……

  4. Hi, there, good post. I’d read things at different blogs with completely different viewpoint from yours. However I believe you are more talented with this subject and I must say I fully agreed with you.

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