muslim psa campaign PSAs Will Battle Anti Muslim Mindset

(WWJ Photo/Pat Sweeting)

It’s a national campaign aimed at countering anti-Islamic sentiment in the United States. The Michigan Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic made the announcement Wednesday following recent attacks on mosques and Muslims as controversy surrounds the of building an Islamic community center near Ground Zero.

The new Public Service announcement project will be aimed at countering attempts by anti-Islamists to paint Muslims as anti-American terrorists.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Pat Sweeting spoke Wednesday with Imam Abdullah El-Amin with the Muslim Center in Detroit.

“It may be for political reasons. I don’t know. But, I know the enemies of peace originated this story — manufactured it, and are pumping the society with inaccurate information and Islamic-phobic comments,” he said.

Victor Begg, with the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan (CAIR), was asked why we haven’t been seeing attacks on mosques in Metro Detroit.

“Our community has taken the steps, and I believe it is part of our responsibility, to help communicate who we are as Muslims. We’re not those few foreign terrorists that attacked our country. And that’s one of the reason we’re doing these community service projects,” Begg said.

Begg said ninety-five percent of those who seek assistance at his Muslim center’s soup kitchen are non-Muslims area residents. The facility also houses a twice-a-week free medical clinic for those without health insurance, staffed by volunteers.

On September 11th and 12th, groups like CAIR will participate in the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

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  1. Bob Bruttell says:

    I commend the hard work that Muslims are doing to combat the poison that is spread by others who, similar to those who hold ill will toward America, are undermining our American values of freedom and equality. I hope the goodwill that Muslims are spreading will influence all of us to follow their example as the faithful Americans we want to be.

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