tow truckdl e1285792917865 Detroit To Regulate Towing


Bombarded with complaints, Detroit officials are working to draft new rules to help regulate the towing industry in the city.

Detroit city Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown says most complaints he’s received are about out-of-control towing fees.

“They’re holding onto the car for two or three weeks. People are being charged exorbitant fees. The car was stolen — they never got notified that the car’s been sitting in some lot for three, four weeks… I mean, this happened to me,”  Brown told his fellow council members on Wednesday.

Some in the city have complained that the current system favors Bouvard and Trumbull Towing.

The proposed rule changes from the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners would require towing companies to be more accountable to the public. The new regulations would also force towing companies to pay a fine to the city and the vehicle owner if a vehicle is towed illegally.

Police Commission Chairman Jerome Warfied said the proposed plan is designed to level the playing field.

“The rules that we drafted does not put anyone out of business,” Warfield said. ” The rules that we’ve drafted will allow each company that is currently right now a tower to have a rotation spot in the districts where they are located,” he said.

An estimated 200,000 vehicles are towed each year in Detroit.

The Commission will hold a third and final public forum to discuss the rule changes in 30 days.

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