detroit downtown2dl e1285786464848 Report: Whites Moving Back To DetroitNewly released data shows a growing trend in Detroit — more whites are moving back into the city. Kurt Metzger of Data Driven Detroit says that, according to the latest figures, the number of  whites in Detroit jumped from 8 to 13 percent between 2008 and 2009.

 Metzger said the influx is mostly young people who find cities exciting. Plus, they’re getting their money’s worth.

“There’s a lot of interesting housing that young people are seeing they can get for a song — it may cost a lot to heat them you may have to pay some taxes, but there’s a real opportunity kind of to take housing for very little money and re-do it,” he said.

Metzger said its an indication that Detroit is drawing back the middle class.

“These are young people who definitely will spend money. They may not have a lot of money, but it’s disposable in many ways. They’re going to spend it on shopping and they’re going to go to bars and restaurants,” he said.

Metzger said the next several years will determine whether Detroit sees a major resurgence.

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  1. Jim says:

    It goes to show you that what is old is now new; and what goes around comes around. Maybe a white mayor, and/or council members are in the future?

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