Garden City Teacher Charged In Student Sex Assault

police investigation1 Garden City Teacher Charged In Student Sex AssaultA Garden City High School teacher is charged with sexually assaulting a 17-year-old female student. Garden City Police Chief Bob Muery detailed the charges filed against 37-year-old David Goscinski, of Woodhaven.

“He’s has been charged with four counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct third degree, distributing obscene material to a minor and using a computer to commit a felony,” Muery said.

Goscinski allegedly had sexual contact with the student from September until October.

Muery said police are not ruling out the possibility of additional victims.

“In cases like this , it is not uncommon that there are other victims and the prosecutor’s office is asking that if there are other victims that they contact Garden City Police Department so we can investigate that,” he said.

A not guilty plea was entered on Goscinski’s behalf. Bond was set at $100,000.

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  • Susan Frank

    How can he plead not guilty, when he told the police he was having a relationship with her. there is a lot of physical evidence and he is a fool. this school has some wonderful teachers, and I want to say, he was a good teacher, but he got lost somehow and needs help. Protect the students!!

  • Susan Frank

    The Garden City Police have and are doing an excellent job handling this investigation.

  • student


  • Kathy

    I heard from a reliable source he did a plea bargain & allocated everything. I also understand there are other girls:(
    Why do kids get so mesmerized by these types of predators:(

  • patricia jones

    This despicable slob should be jailed for life. He has helped to ruin this young girl’s life but sadly she is the one paying the penalty – her fairweather friends are blaming her for what has happened. Personally she is better off without such friends and I hope she can recover from this dark episode in her life and go on to bigger and better things as she seems to be a very clever student.

  • eddie1247

    I know for the student that posted it is hard to believe that someone you trust would commit such a despicable act, but the evidence shows that he did commit this act, my thoughts and prayers go out to this young girl and her family. To the students; your support should be for your fellow classmate, the victim. How would you feel if this was your sister?

    • Diana

      Thank you.

  • Emeraldwolf

    Maturity comes when you can understand that those you hold in high regard are not always what they appear. When they use their authority to justify their actions for self satisfaction and manipulating those they are supose to protect they then become the predator….appearances are deceiving to the innocent. Please do not victimize the victim yet again.

  • Ghost

    Wow way to go GC two teachers in less then a year what is hiring rapist like a thing for yall…

  • Jillian boluch

    this man was my computer guy and has been to and in my house when my mother broke the news i was in complete shock i was disgusted to know he had raped an innocent young bright teenager and in regaurds to her statement her life is probaly upside down and will never remain right side up ever again thanks to this filthy no good raping sexual predator my prayers do go out to the student who preyed and her family

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