bernero snyderdl Poll: No Post Debate Bounce For BerneroA new poll released early Friday morning, and taken after the only gubernatorial debate, shows Republican Rick Snyder maintaining a 21 point lead over Democrat Virg Bernero.

The Foster McCollum White and Associates survey of 2,331 respondents who are likely to vote in the November 2nd election was conducted on October 11th, one day after the Snyder and Bernero debate that aired on radios and televisions across the state.

The poll shows 53.88% of those surveyed said they were certain or leaning toward voting for Snyder. 32.52% said they were certain or leaning toward Bernero.

The poll also shows 61% of so-called independent voters back Snyder while 24% support Bernero.

The margin of error is 2.03%.

Pollsters for Foster McCollum White and Associates say “the lack of details from both candidates was highlighted, yet Bernero suffered more criticism due to his current position as a Mayor and elected official. The expectation of details from Bernero was high, so the focus on outsourcing and the wall street argument didn’t fulfill the expectation.”

Past surveys show Bernero was gaining ground prior to the debate, yet lost most of it back to Snyder.

One negative against Snyder is that hard partisan support still hasn’t climbed above 45%.

Pollsters conclude that Bernero needs what they call an “impactful and responding personal messaging event, to introduce him to all key voter groups and start the community impact discussion of the campaign” in order to climb back into the race.

Asked after the debate about the double digit deficit in recent polls, Bernero said “don’t count me out.”

Meantime, Snyder picked up an endorsement from the Detroit News Friday. The newspaper’s endorsement says, among other things, Snyder “has a gift for identifying promising ventures and helping them to their feet.

That’s what Michigan needs — more small businesses and start-ups that can take advantage of the opportunities the state provides to grow jobs and profits.”

The paper says Bernero is ” very much a partisan politician.”

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  1. Rick the Ruler says:

    With the Michigan polls showing the Synder / Calley for Michigan averages of 53.88% and 61%, is a little under a landslide, however, the issues of labor, housing, Health and Human Services, education,

    Until the election of 1966, statehood governors were elected to two-year terms. Elections are held in November and the governor assumes office the following January, except in the case of death or resignation. Until 1851, elections were held in odd-numbered years. A new state constitution was drafted in 1850 and took effect in 1851. As part of the process bringing the constitution into effect, there was a single one-year term of governor in 1851. Thereafter elections were held on even years.
    The State Constitution was adopted in 1963, which is, however, changing the governor’s term to four years, starting in 1967. State gubernatorial elections have been offset by two years from U.S. Presidential elections resulting that the Presidential elections were in 2000 and 2004, and state gubernatorial elections were in 1998 and 2002. The winner of the gubernatorial election takes office at noon on January 1 of the year following the election.
    In 1992, an amendment to the Michigan constitution imposed a lifetime term limit of two four-year terms for the office of governor. Prior to this, they were not limited as to how many terms they could serve; Republican John Engler, the governor at the time, was exempt from the rule and served three terms, reelected in 1994 and 1998 before retiring in 2003.
    This is the List of those who served as State of Michigan

    Name Took office Left office Party Lt. Governor
    1 Stevens T. Mason[2]
    October 6, 1835 January 7, 1840 Democratic
    Edward Mundy

    2 William Woodbridge
    January 7, 1840 February 23, 1841 Whig
    J. Wright Gordon

    3 J. Wright Gordon
    February 23, 1841 January 3, 1842 Whig Thomas J. Drake

    4 John S. Barry
    January 3, 1842 January 5, 1846 Democratic Origen D. Richardson

    5 Alpheus Felch
    January 5, 1846 March 3, 1847 Democratic William L. Greenly

    6 William L. Greenly
    March 4, 1847 January 3, 1848 Democratic Charles P. Bush

    7 Epaphroditus Ransom
    January 3, 1848 January 7, 1850 Democratic William M. Fenton

    8 John S. Barry
    January 7, 1850 January 1, 1852 Democratic William M. Fenton

    9 Robert McClelland[5]
    January 1, 1852 March 7, 1853 Democratic Calvin Britain

    Andrew Parsons

    10 Andrew Parsons
    March 8, 1853 January 3, 1855 Democratic George Griswold

    11 Kinsley S. Bingham
    January 3, 1855 January 5, 1859 Republican
    George Coe

    12 Moses Wisner
    January 5, 1859 January 2, 1861 Republican Edmund B. Fairfield

    13 Austin Blair
    January 2, 1861 January 3, 1865 Republican James M. Birney

    Joseph R. Williams

    Henry T. Backus

    Charles S. May

    14 Henry H. Crapo
    January 3, 1865 January 6, 1869 Republican Ebenezer Grosvenor

    Dwight May

    15 Henry P. Baldwin
    January 6, 1869 January 1, 1873 Republican Morgan Bates

    16 John J. Bagley
    January 1, 1873 January 3, 1877 Republican Henry H. Holt

    17 Charles Croswell
    January 3, 1877 January 1, 1881 Republican Alonzo Sessions

    18 David Jerome
    January 1, 1881 January 1, 1883 Republican Moreau S. Crosby

    19 Josiah Begole
    January 1, 1883 January 1, 1885 Democratic Moreau S. Crosby

    20 Russell Alger
    January 1, 1885 January 1, 1887 Republican Archibald Buttars

    21 Cyrus G. Luce
    January 1, 1887 January 1, 1891 Republican James H. MacDonald

    William Ball

    22 Edwin B. Winans
    January 1, 1891 January 1, 1893 Democratic John Strong

    23 John T. Rich
    January 1, 1893 January 1, 1897 Republican J. Wight Giddings

    Alfred Milnes

    Joseph R. McLaughlin

    24 Hazen S. Pingree
    January 1, 1897 January 1, 1901 Republican Thomas B. Dunstan

    Orrin W. Robinson

    25 Aaron T. Bliss
    January 1, 1901 January 1, 1905 Republican Orrin W. Robinson

    Alexander Maitland

    26 Fred M. Warner
    January 1, 1905 January 2, 1911 Republican Alexander Maitland

    Patrick H. Kelley

    27 Chase Osborn
    January 2, 1911 January 1, 1913 Republican John Q. Ross

    28 Woodbridge Nathan Ferris
    January 1, 1913 January 1, 1917 Democratic John Q. Ross

    Luren Dickinson

    29 Albert Sleeper
    January 1, 1917 January 1, 1921 Republican Luren Dickinson

    30 Alex Groesbeck
    January 1, 1921 January 1, 1927 Republican Thomas Read

    George W. Welsh

    31 Fred Green
    January 1, 1927 January 1, 1931 Republican Luren Dickinson

    32 Wilber Marion Brucker
    January 1, 1931 January 1, 1933 Republican Luren Dickinson

    33 William Comstock
    January 1, 1933 January 1, 1935 Democratic Allen E. Stebbins

    34 Frank Fitzgerald
    January 1, 1935 January 1, 1937 Republican Thomas Read

    35 Frank Murphy
    January 1, 1937 January 1, 1939 Democratic Leo J. Nowicki

    36 Frank Fitzgerald
    January 1, 1939 March 16, 1939 Republican Luren Dickinson

    37 Luren Dickinson
    March 16, 1939 January 1, 1941 Republican Matilda Dodge Wilson

    38 Murray Van Wagoner
    January 1, 1941 January 1, 1943 Democratic Frank Murphy

    39 Harry Kelly
    January 1, 1943 January 1, 1947 Republican Eugene C. Keyes

    Vernon J. Brown

    40 Kim Sigler
    January 1, 1947 January 1, 1949 Republican Eugene C. Keyes

    41 G. Mennen Williams
    January 1, 1949 January 1, 1961 Democratic John W. Connolly

    William C. Vandenberg

    Clarence A. Reid

    Philip A. Hart

    John B. Swainson

    42 John Swainson
    January 1, 1961 January 1, 1963 Democratic T. John Lesinski

    43 George W. Romney
    January 1, 1963 January 22, 1969 Republican T. John Lesinski

    William Milliken

    44 William Milliken
    January 22, 1969 January 1, 1983 Republican Thomas F. Schweigert

    James H. Brickley

    James J. Damman

    James H. Brickley

    45 James Blanchard
    January 1, 1983 January 1, 1991 Democratic Martha Griffiths

    46 John Engler
    January 1, 1991 January 1, 2003 Republican Connie Binsfeld

    Dick Posthumus

    47 Jennifer Granholm
    January 1, 2003 Incumbent Democratic John D. Cherry, Jr.

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