Auburn Hills-based CJPS Medical Systems announced Tuesday that it completed its integration of the remote patient monitoring business that it acquired from Delphi Corp.

Assets purchased from Delphi were relocated from Colorado and Indiana to Michigan,  where the company will run its home care business. Except for growing its sales force and its clinical team, the company has the manpower to handle the manufacturing, testing and shipping of the product at this time. However, according to CJPS CEO Christophe Sevrain, if the business grows according to plan, the company should be creating significant jobs in the area thanks to this game-changing product.

The company moved into its new 50,000-square-foot building in Auburn Hills earlier in October.

“We decided to expand into a top-notch, 100 percent climate-controlled facility to manufacture, assemble, test and ship our medical products on a global basis,” Sevrain said. “We installed a quality system to ensure compliance to FDA as well as to ISO-13485 so that our product could be sold on a global basis, and we are now ready to deploy this amazing product which has the effect of providing better care at the lowest cost possible.”

The product consists of a small monitor, which is placed at the home of chronically ill patients, such as patients with congestive heart failure, end-stage renal disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes or other ailments. These patients send data taken from the monitor and report symptoms to caregivers or loved ones. Caregivers can log onto a HIPAA-compliant server using their PC to retrieve information that is merged with patient data such as medical history, insurance information, treatments, prescriptions, and more. Alerts can also be set if the patient does not “connect” to  scheduled measurements such as blood pressure readings, or if the patient’s data is outside the physician’s pre-set range.

“This is health care IT at its best,” Sevrain said. “Not only does it lower the cost of health care by potentially preventing emergency situations and by creating digital medical records, but it is also better care as the monitoring is continuous and only abnormal situations are reported to caregivers, freeing them to focus on those patients that need most attention.”

Baby boomers, an increasingly older population, and a likely increase in insured patients will fuel the need for this remote monitoring capability, as the ratio of caregivers to patients have continuously decreased and is expected to drop even more dramatically in the years to come.

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