police car llights "Stranger Danger" Alert In Garden CityGarden City Police are investigating a case of stranger danger, after a seventh grader was approached Friday near Kiwanis Park on her way to the bus stop.

Authorities say a man in a black four-door sedan drove up along side the victim, and offered her a ride —  not once, but twice.

Police Sergeant Kirk Oswald tells WWJ the girl did the right thing by refusing to get in and running to a pack of waiting kids, but kids can take that one step further.

“Make noise, do whatever you have to do to create a scene to get that stranger to get out of there and leave you alone,” he said.

Oswald said officers will be keeping an eye on in the neighborhood for the predator.

“We’ll have patrol officers monitoring that area during those times, over the next week or so. Just to watch out for that vehicle. We’ve sent notices to surrounding department, just to be on the lookout for any incidents that may be similar to this,” Oswald said.

Sergeant Oswald asks that anyone with any information on the suspect to contact Garden City Police.

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