A medical examiner has ruled that a 15-year-old northern Michigan girl was fatally shot by her abductor who then killed himself.  The Wayne County medical examiner’s office said Thursday that Raymond Bush of Newport died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound and that Taylor Manley was shot multiple times.

Police, Wednesday night,  found Newport and the teen dead in a van in a cemetery, hours after she was expected to testify against him on charges alleging he sexually assaulted her.

State Police troopers, acting on a lead, located the vehcile in a cemetery in the southeastern Michigan community of Newport, about 35 miles outside of Detroit and 170 miles southeast of Reed City in Moroe County.

State Police Detective Sgt. George D. Pratt told The Associated Press on that Bush’s ex-girlfriend told investigators he called her Wednesday morning and said he fatally shot Taylor and planned to kill himself.

State police had issued an Amber Alert on Wednesday morning for Taylor Manley saying she had been kidnapped from the Reed City area and Raymont Bush was a suspect. 

Bush, of Newport, who had a tattoo of the girl’s name on the back of his neck, was scheduled to appear Wednesday in 80th District Court, where he was charged with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, authorities said.

State police tell WWJ that it may take time to work out how it all happened.

“Understand that we have several police agencies involved in this investigation throughout the state of Michigan, so we are getting information from Reed City down to the Detroit area, trying to piece everything together to determine how this all came about,”1st Lt. Mary Kapp with the Michigan State Police in Monroe said.

Stay with WWJ for more on this developing story.

(Copyright, 2010. WWJ Newsradio 950, All Rights Reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report) 

  1. Betty says:

    Why was this man not in jail awaiting trial? God rest her soul.

  2. BNK says:

    Not only why wasn’t he in jail… how in the heck did he even get close enough to abduct her to begin with? We need to start rethinking our political correctness policies and start dealing with these perverts in the appropriate manor! I’ll let you use your imagination on what would be appropriate! This is a terrible tragedy that should have never ever happened! My heart aches that we as a society can not protect a 15 year old girl from a monster like this! I can tell you as a father of a daughter, this guy would not have been awaiting trail if he had sexually assaulted my daughter… he would’ve been pushing up daisys already!

  3. Niki says:

    You’re assuming that she wasn’t dating him at any point, that there wasn’t some kind of relationship between the two, and that they may not have had some kind of suicide pact between the two of them or something that she chickened out on. His having her name tattooed on the back of his neck leads to some suspicions beyond, “He kidnapped that poor, innocent little girl!” For all we know the two of them had a lover’s spat and he got angry. Not saying that he’s not wrong, because he was, this just looks more like a crime of passion than a random kidnapping by a perverted old man.

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