vote e1288714862471 Should Convicted Felons Be Allowed To Run For Public Office?Proposal 2 on Tuesday’s ballot would prohibit certain convicted felons from running for public office.

Proposal 2 was launched by a state representative from Detroit after Kwame Kilpatrick was disgraced by scandal and forced from office. However, Tupac Hunter says the political corruption in Detroit was not the impetus for the proposal. Hunter told The Detroit News that the proposal isn’t about one person or city, but about making an anti-corruption message.

Representative Shanelle Jackson of Detroit, who voted against the proposal in the House this year, says voters are astute and can make decisions about the people they want serving.

The measure would ban anyone from being elected or appointed to any state or local office for 20 years after being convicted of such felonies, as dishonesty, deceit, fraud or breach of public trust.

The only other ballot measure Tuesday is Proposal 1, which will allow the state’s voters to say whether they want a constitutional convention to be held.  More on this at

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  1. tryad says:

    No. We got enough crooks running this messed up country. Then again can they do any worse? Look at detroit politicians.

  2. Corinne says:

    The ballot says that someone convicted of one of those crimes of fraud, theft, etc. while in office, cannot be elected to hold a position in office. It’s worded very funny. But from what I read, if I was convicted of a felony, like murder, I could still run for public office.

  3. tomaben says:

    i is a bad 2010 in 2011

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