police new Officials Investigate Suspicious PackageA suspicious package was found Monday, inside an Ann Arbor Bank.

Police say a little after 11 a.m., a bank employee found a 6- inch clear plastic tube under a table at a Comerica Bank on Plymouth Road, containing blue and clear liquid. The liquid was secured with masking and duct tape.

 Ann Arbor Police Lt. Angela Abrams tells WWJ the package was found by an employee.

“Actually, one of the employees walked over to the desk area, where you would fill out a deposit slip, and they located this object and brought it to one of the managers. And it was the manager’s decision to evacuate the bank,” she said.

The fire department took a sample of the liquid, which turned out to be rubbing alcohol. 

Lt. Abrams said authorities aren’t sure if it was meant as a joke, or if someone left a science project.

“There’s no reason, right now, to believe that anything malicious was behind this incident. It could have possibly just been a child’s chemistry experiment,” she said.

So far, no arrests have been made. The bank reopened a few hours later.

There have been two bank robberies in that area and recent weeks and police aren’t sure if this incident is related to those hold ups.

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