Kansas Church Protest In Michigan

After not showing at Wednesday’s military funeral in Marine City, church members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church say they plan to picket at several locations throughout Michigan Thursday morning.

First, outside of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, and then, at the Hellil of Metro Detroit at Wayne State University to protest local Muslims and Jews alike. They also plan Thursday afternoon to picket outside East Lansing High School to demonstrate against homosexuality – a common theme of the church.

The head of Progress Michigan, David Holtz, says the church has “the most disgusting message in America.” But he expects them to be ignored being “most families have more important things to worry about like jobs.”

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  • mattweston

    we will see these hate mongers in east lansing. i have freedom of speech too. if you survive dearborn and Detroit were waiting for you here. my son is a marine serving in afghanastan so you can have your rites.he protects MY rite to disagree with yours

  • Larry

    Don’t bother posting here; the moderator evidenly has pretty thin skin…..

  • Larry

    “militayr funeral”
    At least they have good proofreaders……..I misspelled “evidently” but I’m typing with one hand.

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