The Lansing-based fiber optic Internet service provider Arialink last week completed a major network expansion, launching a direct fiber optic peering initiative at major Internet hubs in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

This expansion now provides Arialink customers with a direct fiber optic connection to major Internet destinations avoiding congested public Internet bottlenecks — marking a significant expansion in speed and network performance. 

Not all fiber optic connections are created equally — Arialink is the only last-mile fiber provider in Mid-Michigan connected directly via fiber to the most popular Internet destinations, such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook and Akamai, and a growing list of about 250 other fiber optic network providers.

By extending its fiber to the Chicago and Washington, D.C. areas, customers’ Internet traffic is now routed more efficiently through a direct peering connection to these networksm which improves quality and speed.

For connected Michigan businesses, time-consuming tasks such as the Microsoft Update Service become turbo-charged. An office connected to Arialink can achieve gigabit speeds directly to the Microsoft Update Service as well as dozens of other popular software distribution networks. Tasks that took workers hours to complete over a DSL or cable connection can now be accomplished in only a few minutes, saving time and improving productivity.

“Because we own both the local fiber network and now, connections to two of the largest U.S. Internet hubs, we have supercharged and modernized Mid-Michigan’s Internet capabilities with more capacity than ever before available.” said Arialink CEO Jason Schreiber. “We give businesses a pure optical fiber end-to-end connection between their office and the world.”

Network peering is a direct fiber connection made between two networks for the purpose of routing customers’ traffic privately over very high capacity links — designed to improve quality and speed. These Internet peers are considered “Tier-1” connections. This is a contrast to smaller networks that rely on other providers to deliver their customers’ information to the Internet on their behalf, often adding latency, unnecessary router “hops” and bandwidth bottlenecks. Providers with Tier-1 connections offer advantages to customers that include faster speed, greater dependability, rapid scalability and lower cost.

In addition to celebrating 400 miles of fiber optic lines built in the Greater Lansing area in October of this year, Arialink offers fiber optic connections to small and large business in 25 Michigan cities. Arialink is building the leading regional fiber optic last-mile network with direct connections to major U.S. hubs, designed to revolutionize the way companies connect and use the Internet.

Established in 2003, Arialink is Mid-Michigan’s largest provider of high speed fiber optic internet and phone service. Learn more about Arialink at

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