gas station Clerk: Man Fatally Shot At Detroit Gas Station

(WWJ Photo/Vickie Thomas)

A gas station clerk says a man who was fatally shot begged for his life during an attempted carjacking and robbery involving two gunmen.

Overnight clerk Ali Fouani told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas that the man was pumping gas early Wednesday when he was jumped by the two armed men who dragged him inside the station.

Fouani said he felt helpless as the men held a gun to the victim’s head.

“They had the shotgun on his head. I mean I got a handgun, but that won’t hold them from a shotgun, you know. There’s two guys. If I could do something, I wish I would,” Fouani said.

“He told him, ‘I’ve got kids. I don’t wanna get shot… please. I don’t have my keys on me.’ So, they just turned and shot him in the heart,” he said.

Police say the man’s wallet was taken, and are hoping surveillance video from the gas station might yield clues.

“That’s my first night on the job. My first night on the job,” Fouani said, adding that he plans to quit following the incident.

The victim’s name was not immediately released.

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  1. JTNM60 says:

    May God have mercy on this man. So sad and pitiful that someone can just be killed over a few dollars. The men that did this will rot in hell one day. They will reap what they have done .

  2. Sally Hart says:

    In cases like this clear cut who is guilty we need the death penalty.

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