Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says he will seek a second term – but, right now, he’s focused on revitalizing the city with 7 to 9 core population areas.

It’s part of his larger Detroit Works effort to reshape the city. Bing tells the Detroit Free Press he’ll use incentives to move residents, but he says no one will be forced out. And for those who don’t move into core neighborhoods, he says “they’re not going to get the kind of services they require.”

Councilman Kwame Kenyatta tells WWJ he wants to see a different approach, like tax incentives for people who buy a home, rehab it and live in it. Or developers who build homes in an effort to revitalize areas of the city. “We’ll give you a tax incentive to revitalize this neighborhood as oppose to just saying we’re going to shut this neighborhood off,” Kenyatta suggests.

The areas getting investment money will be unveiled this Spring.

As for how Bing is doing as mayor, Kenyatta says “I think the jury is still out. The mayor is steadying the ship, but it hasn’t discovered land yet.”


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