Cleanup efforts continue at Michigan Stadium today after a burst water pipe last week.  This happened in the fire suppression system that runs on the east side of the upper concourse of the stadium , according to University of Michigan associate athletic director Rob Rademacher , who says it’s a dry system.

“These drip drums catch condensation that forms in there and it appears that one wasn’t drained like it should’ve been and it burst a valve and then water started  coming down on the inside of the walls. You know, on the outside on the outer concourse is obviously not a big deal , but it got into the VIP lobby on the east side, on the parking lot level and caused some damage down there .”

Rademacher says they won’t know the extent of the damage  until they remove some wood paneling .  He says they have already had a cleaning company come in to soak up the water and get it dried out.  He says some events are coming up in January at the Big House and they shouldn’t be affected.


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