It’s hard to know where one line ended and another began, as McNamara Terminal became a sea of humanity.   

Travelers stranded by the East Coast snowstorm  have been trying to catch  flights since the weekend. Some have been here since Sunday, and others may be waiting for a flight that won’t depart until later in the week.

Some flights from New York and New Jersey are arriving again at Metro Airport.  The first flight to arrive from Newark Airport landed around 9:20 Tuesday morning. 

One flight that  had an empty seat belonged to Detroit native Laura Todd of Raleigh NC. “My flight was on time, I just didn’t expect the lines to be this bad,” she said. Fortunately, her father could pick her up at the terminal to return tomorrow.

Trying to reach east coast destinations has proven challenging with all four major New York Airports closed for much of the day before. “I’m stuck in Detroit!” excliamed Floyd Black of Springfield, IL,  trying to reach his east coast destination for the holidays with his grandchildren. “We were here all day yesterday…..We were on stand-by today, and maybe we can get out today. We don’t know,”  he said.


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