The University of Michigan has issued a statement about the situation with Rich Rodriguez. “The definitive voice on this matter is Dave Brandon & he has not & will not speak publicly until a decision has been made.”

Earlier today various news outlets reported Rodriguez had been fired.

If Michigan had fired Rodriguez many people thought that Michigan could hire current Head Coach at Stanford Jim Harbaugh and that doesn’t to happen either. Harbaugh’s brother and Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens John said on his radio show tonight ‘I think the Michigan thing is done now. I don’t think he’s going to have anything to do with that.’ for more updates

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  1. adam says:

    I hope Michigan makes a better choice this time.

  2. richard says:

    It took a while for current (or recent) top coaches to show their stuff. RichRod might not have been right for Michigan, but 3 years might have been too short.

    A UM alum.

    >Barry Alvarez – took a while to get good
    >1990 1-10
    >1991 5-6
    >1992 5-6
    >Bret Bielema – doesn’t look like the right direction
    >2006 12-1
    >2007 9-4
    >2008 7-6
    >Mark Dantonio – not an impressive start
    >2007 7-6
    >2008 9-4
    >2009 6-7
    >At least Rodriguez improved each of his first 3 years. And better
    >or equal than any of these 3 coaches for year 3.

  3. UMFan says:

    I blame Lloyd Carr for the woes Michigan fans have had to endure for the last three seasons. Not because of the players he left, but because of two things: One, he stayed too long. Had he left a year or two earlier, we could have had Les Miles before he went to LSU.
    Number two, he HAD to have signed off on Bill Martin hiring Rich Rod and he (Carr) should have weighed in to the contrary.

  4. Brent says:

    The comments on here baffle me, UMFan, Lloyd stayed too long? The guy that in his second to last season took an 11-0 team to Columbus and played a hell of a game against a damn fine OSU team, stayed too long? And as I remember it, Carr had no say in his replacement. The Rodriguez signing was entirely on Martin. In fact Carr wanted Fred Jackson to take over the reigns, and he still may become coach still. An for you richard. Alum or not, you seem to be forgetting the that Alvarez took over a pitiful Wisconsin program that was a near basement dweller in the early 90’s. Beilema will have the same problems with winning year in and year out like Alvarez did and Dantonio Took over and righted the ship of an MSU program that could have easily taken a tale spin before his arrival. Rodriguez took a 9 win team the previous season and dumped it in the trash within one year. Put a storied program on probation of the first time in its 130 year history and has made the program a laughing stock with his antics and actions. Good riddance to Rodriguez, time to move on and take Hoke if Harbaugh makes himself unavailable.

  5. Lee says:

    His overall record was 15-22. Nice fact checking on an article based on another media outlet reporting what its sources told them.

  6. Bo says:

    Andrew Luck made Jim Harbaugh. As Luck leaves, you find a puff a smoke where Harbaugh once stood.

  7. M.C. Michigan Fan says:

    Rich Rod needs to go. He has destroyed the program. And Lloyd did not leave the cupboard empty. Ryan Mallet and Justin Boren transferred after his arrival. Mario Manningham left early for the draft with his arrival and Donovan Warren played one year for him then left early for the draft because of Rich Rod. The atmosphere at the Big House just isn’t the same on game day anymore. It is time to get this program back to being the “Leaders and Best.” Get a Michigan Man who understands and embraces the rivalries. Mediocrity at Michigan is not acceptable. Go Big Ten and Go Blue.

  8. akalshnikovm says:

    Tick tock goes the clock.

  9. Ori Herrera says:

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