Karsch And Anderson Top 10 1-10-11

Other things Giselle Bundchen makes Tom Brady do…

10. She makes him stop watching Jersey Shore. He needs to focus on pigskins and td’s not hambeasts and std’s. – Amado
9. She makes him miss his manhood. – Bill New Hudson
8. Other things Giselle makes Tom do? She makes him make a decision every once in a while so he can feel like he’s in control! -Dan in Livonia
7. Instead of watching film giselle makes tom watch make-up tutorials on you-tube while preparing
for their pajama fondue party with their gal-pals. – Rich on the web
6. She makes him braid her hair, after she does his Dave
5. She makes Brady watch futbol – UNT
4. Giselle makes Tom clean the gutters…because they are too DAMN high….ck in okemos
3. What else is Giselle making Tom Brady do? She’s making him change his last name so that they can become the
“Bradybuchen”! James Detroit
2. Giselle makes him worship her feet. Anything Rex Ryan can do -Tom can do better. Phil- Westland.
1. Giselle doesn’t let Tom Brady watch film on the Broncos. For example Sex and the City
or any SJP movie – Chris, Rochester Hills


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