It’s that time of year in Detroit when the professional football season has ended…also known as the NFL playoffs. You see here in Detroit our post season consists of mock drafts, NFL free agency and sometimes even a coaching search. It also means adopting a team to root for in the playoffs. A team that was actually good enough to move ahead and maybe even play for a championship. Usually my team every year is the biggest underdog because let’s be honest that’s exactly what the Lions would be if they were to ever be lucky enough to make it into the playoffs. But this year is a little different. I recently took a trip to Las Vegas and made a visit to a local Sports book. A certain team with good odds caught my eye. It was the New York Jets. They were a 25-1 underdog to win the Super bowl this year. Now although I hate the Jets as a football fan at 25-1 I love the Jets as a betting man. A very good running game, two big play receivers, a solid defense and two very good corners all led by a super confident coach? I’ll take those odds. Plus it’s that time of year in Detroit to adopt an NFL team so this year I’m adopting the New York Jets!


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