When NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas needed an advanced lighting system to illuminate a parking lot that had no electricity, they selected the EverLast PV/Wind Hybrid Area Lighting System from Jackson-based Full Spectrum Solutions Inc.

“The Center came to us looking for a lighting solution that was innovative and cost effective,” stated Alex Orr, commercial sales representative for EverLast. “They were very excited about the fully sustainable EverLast PVW System. They were impressed with the EverLast PVW lighting system being able to generate power using solar and wind energy. Other systems rely solely on solar or wind energy, rendering them more susceptible to climate fluctuations.”

The EverLast PVW Area Lighting System incorporates a wind turbine generator with photovoltaic solar panels, battery power storage, and integrated smart sensor controls that power an EverLast induction light fixture. This unique combination of patent-pending components delivers powerful, commercial grade lighting to remote areas.

Exceptionally energy-efficient and completely off the grid, EverLast PVW Area Lighting Systems allowed NASA to provide lighting to its employees while avoiding costs associated with the installation of typical lighting systems.

The PVW system can be installed with a 70-watt Type III induction cobra head fixture or a 70-watt Type IV induction shoe box fixture. Both fixtures are IP65 rated, corrosion resistant, and up to 70 percent more energy efficient than HPS and HID fixtures.

EverLast PVW Systems are manufactured in Jackson and have been installed in remote locations throughout the country, including Michigan, California, Texas, and Colorado.

“The demand for sustainability has grown rapidly over the past decade,” Orr stated. “The PVW Area Lighting System offers customers a solution that’s both environmentally friendly and efficient.”
For additional product information, visit www.everlastlight.com, call (888) 383-7578, or e-mail info@everlastlight.com.


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