CarpWatch Data Visualization Tool Tracks Asian Carp Progression

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Lansing-based IDV Solutions Thursday unveiled CarpWatch, an interactive map and data visualization tool that illustrates the invasive species’ trek up the Mississippi River and its tributaries toward the Great Lakes.

CarpWatch is built on recently released Visual Fusion 5.0, in tandem with its Oracle data connector. It’s at

CarpWatch casts a wide net across many different sources of information about this sensitive environmental issue — social networking chatter, Asian carp sightings, public environmental databases, existing carp barriers and more — and boils them down into a single view within a geographic and historical timeline perspective.

As new data is added, it jumps right into the mix in real time — and can be displayed in charts, maps, timelines and graphs at the user’s command.

Visual Fusion is business intelligence software that unites data sources in a Web-based, visual context for better insight and understanding. Although the primary data source for this application is an Oracle database, Visual Fusion consumes many other data sources as well, such as SharePoint lists, Excel files, and ArcSDE content, and provides location context via a canvas of Microsoft’s Bing Maps.

IDV Solutions is a business intelligence software company committed to helping organizations gain more insight from data.

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